Milwaukee Brewers: Top Five Moments of the 2017 Season

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 23: The Milwaukee Brewers celebrate after Travis Shaw
MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 23: The Milwaukee Brewers celebrate after Travis Shaw /
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Milwaukee Brewers
MILWAUKEE, WI – SEPTEMBER 23: Fans react after Travis Shaw /

Was there really any doubt? Travis Shaw’s walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning against Wade Davis is the top moment of the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers season.

In the midst of a playoff race, the Brewers enter the four game series against the Cubs 3 1/2 games back. The first two games were absolutely incredible baseball games, but the Brewers lost both of them. In ten innings. And the exact same scenario was playing out again.

The Brewers tied the game in the bottom of the ninth on an Orlando Arcia laser off Davis that just barely stayed fair. Then in the top of the tenth inning, like the previous games in the series, the Brewers gave up a run. But then Travis Shaw happened

That victory prevented the Brewers from being swept at home by the Cubs in the heat of the playoff race. It prevented the Cubs from clinching the division in Miller Park. You know what could make this moment even better? That’s right, Titanic music.

Please forgive Shaw’s awkward rounding of first base at 0:41, he just hit a walk off home run, we can cut him some slack.

This home run gave Brewers fans hope once again that this team could find themselves in the playoffs. It was almost kind of lucky that Shaw went opposite field and the ball landed in the Brewers bullpen. That way we all got to see the live reaction of those guys and Josh Hader and Marcus Hanel probably had the best reaction of all.

It was funny how during the broadcast, as soon as announcer Matt Vasgersian said Wade Davis hadn’t blown a save all year, Orlando Arcia goes yard and Davis blows the save. Sweet irony. But Vasgersian had the amazing call of Shaw’s dinger, ” SANTA MARIA TRAVIS SHAW!”. Some headlines just write themselves.

At this point in the season, the Brewers had finally gotten the attention of the national media because they just wouldn’t go away. They almost disappointed with the results of the other games in this series. But this game would not be a disappointment to Brewers fans. Travis Shaw wouldn’t let that happen.

For providing the ultimate walk off home run against a hated rival in the heat of a playoff race, Travis Shaw earned the top spot in this year’s list of the best moments of the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers season. Hopefully next year we will have some moments from the month of October to include in this list.

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What an amazing season it was, full of ups and downs along the way but a surprising season nonetheless. Some teams you have a hard time remembering while other teams you couldn’t possibly forget. This 2017 team could be one of those teams that Brewers fans won’t forget about for a long time.