Milwaukee Brewers: Halloween Costume Ideas for the Crew


It is Halloween, the spookiest night of the year. Children all over the country will be dressing up in costumes to go trick or treating. If Milwaukee Brewers players went trick or treating, what would they dress up as?

Eric Thames

He could be the Mountain from Game of Thrones, or the Hulk. Either would be suitable for Thames who is known for his large muscles.

Eric Sogard

This is too easy. Squints from the Sandlot would fit the bespectacled Sogard perfectly. If his wife Kaycee dresses up as Wendy Peffercorn, the Sogards will win Halloween hands down.

Jonathan Villar

Villar should go as Mr. Robot. Great first season but a terrible second season. Sounds a lot like Villar.

Orlando Arcia

Perhaps “El Nino” should dress up in a baby outfit, seeing as he is the kid. Or he could try being Will Turner of Pirates of the Caribbean since he shares the same first name as Orlando Bloom.

Travis Shaw

The Mayor of Ding Dong City. Duh.

Hernan Perez

Perez needs to dress up as a Swiss Army Knife, because that’s basically what he is for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jesus Aguilar

His nickname is Dino. So one of those T-Rex outfits should fit Aguilar nicely.

Manny Pina

A Pineapple.

Stephen Vogt

Vogt should dress up as an “I Voted” sticker, because he can turn it into a pun, “I Vogted”. It’s a bad pun, I know.

Jett Bandy

A big ol’ Jett airliner. Cause it’s here that he’s got to stay.

Domingo Santana

Santana was pretty good on Sundays this year, and Domingo is Spanish for Sunday. So, naturally that means he should go as a preacher.

Brett Phillips and Keon Broxton

Phillips middle name is Maverick. That means he needs to be Maverick from Top Gun. Broxton has to be Goose because, well, he’s going to be gone before you know it.

Ryan Braun

Bronn from Game of Thrones. Although their names are spelled differently, they sound the same and they’ve both been around since season one(of the rebuild).

Zach Davies

He should dress in all gold body paint since he is a Gold Glove Award finalist. That would be a sight to see. On second thought, maybe not something I’d want to see.

Brent Suter

The Raptor should dress up as….. a Raptor.

Brandon Woodruff

How much wood would Woodruff chuck if Woodruff was a woodchuck that could chuck wood?

Josh Hader

Josh Haderade will need to dress like a Gatorade bottle, but instead of Gatorade, it says Haderade. He’s got to start a brand somehow.

Chase Anderson

Anderson may have gotten the nickname Chase The Ace this year, so why not go as the Ace of Clubs. Get it, because he’s the ace of the club? Don’t roll your eyes, it’s not that bad of a joke.

Jacob Barnes

Any type of barn animal will do just fine. Or even going as a barn. Judging by his six wild pitches this season he couldn’t hit the broadside of one anyway.

Jeremy Jeffress

Jazz from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, better known as DJ Jazzy Jeff now. With the great friendship Jeffress and former Brewer Will Smith have, these two need to go out together as Jazz and Will on Halloween night.

Taylor Jungmann

Jungmann, are you listening to me? I said, Jungmann, what do you want to be? He wants to be the Village People and starting singing Y.M.C.A everywhere he goes. Did that song just get stuck in your head? Sorry about that.

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This definitely is shaping up to be an interesting Halloween for the Milwaukee Brewers if all these players dress up like this. Some may be spooky, or just plain ridiculous. Are there any costumes you think some of these players should dress up as instead?