Milwaukee Brewers: Carlos Torres and Quintin Berry out-righted to Triple-A

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 16: Carlos Torres /

The Milwaukee Brewers announced that both relief pitcher Carlos Torres and outfielder Quintin Berry have been out-righted to Triple-A. Both will stay in the organization, but have to earn their spots on the big league roster in Spring Training.

Quintin Berry‘s purpose with the Brewers was almost solely to be a pinch runner. He was called up late in the season to do just that, but he didn’t get many at bats or defensive chances. He could make his way back to the Milwaukee Brewers to serve a similar role. However, it would more than likely be later in the season.

On the other hand, Carlos Torres was on the team for the entirety of the 2017 season, which did not go over well with many Brewer fans. Torres appeared in 67 games this year, giving up a total of 34 earned runs in those appearances and averaging over a hit per inning. He also had a total of 56 strikeouts and 33 walks.

Torres was in the last year of arbitration eligibility, and the Brewers had to take him off the roster to avoid going through that. GM David Stearns said he did not want to wait for the tender date. Torres does have the ability to refuse the outright, which would be understandable.

Colorado Springs, where the Brewers Triple-A affiliate is located, is not the easiest place to pitch. It might be easier for Torres to try and make it on another team rather than fight to stay on this one. Also, the Milwaukee Brewers have other options in their bullpen, and could gain more this off-season. Torres was likely the odd man out.

Carlos Torres is more than likely done pitching in Miller Park at least for a while. That’s the best outcome the Brewers could have. Torres hurt the Brewers a lot this year. He has enjoyed success at the Major League level, but the negatives outweighed the positives in 2017.

The 2018 Brewers bullpen needs to get results like they did in the second half of the 2017 season, and avoid the meltdowns from the first half of 2017. If not for the early bullpen collapses, the Milwaukee Brewers may have been in a playoff position in 2017.

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While Quintin Berry could possibly have a similar role in 2018 as he did this year, Torres will more than likely not return. The Brewers bullpen will now have to fill a spot that last was rather reliable in 2016. However, losing Torres was a move that this team needed to make, and frankly, it was long overdue.