Milwaukee Brewers: Marlins looking to deal Dee Gordon?

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 28: Dee Gordon
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 28: Dee Gordon /

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the market for a second baseman. The Miami Marlins are looking to deal every big contract they have to jumpstart their rebuild. While the Brewers aren’t likely to trade for Giancarlo Stanton or Christian Yelich, second baseman Dee Gordon may fit their needs and come at a reasonable cost.

Dee Gordon is due $38 million through 2020, but the Milwaukee Brewers may not have to pay all of it if they provide a decent prospect or two. Miami wants to shed payroll and they need to add prospects to their system. The Brewers have money to spend, and have a ton of outfield prospects to ship to Miami.

Does Gordon fit the Brewers lineup?

Kind of? Gordon posted a .341 on-base percentage last year, and owns a .329 mark for his career. He has the speed to sit at the top of the order as evidenced by his impressive stolen base totals. However, he doesn’t get on-base enough to warrant a lead off spot. The Milwaukee Brewers would bat him first if they were to acquire him, but it’s not the best fit for the offense.

Where Gordon does fit is defensively. He plays a solid second base, and would add speed and range to the infield. The Brewers were lacking in both speed and range on the right side of the infield. Gordon would help with both aspects.

How bad is Gordon’s contract?

Not terrible. $38 million for three years is the going rate for a second baseman in his prime. Neil Walker is likely to command similar dollars and years. The contract will also come off the books before Gordon has a noticeable drop in production or skill due to age. It’s really a doable contract.

What would the Marlins really command?

If the Brewers take on the full contract? A few low level prospects that no one has heard of. If the Marlins eat part of the contract? A name or two off the Double-A or High-A roster that we’ve likely heard of, but not a Top 20 guy. The deal makes sense if the Milwaukee Brewers want to make another run at the Cubs for the division title without selling the farm.

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While Dee Gordon won’t solve the need for a lead off hitter, he will add tremendous speed and solid defense to the everyday lineup. His contract isn’t ridiculous, and the Milwaukee Brewers will hold on to their ‘building block’ prospects. A deal for Gordon makes a lot of sense for both teams, and the situation is one that we’ll have to monitor as the hot stove heats up in November and December.