Milwaukee Brewers: Meet the Crew’s new scouting department hire

PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 09: A top view of the bats of Eric Thames
PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 09: A top view of the bats of Eric Thames /

The Milwaukee Brewers are taking another leap forward in the analytic and scouting department after hiring Mike Groopman.

The future is coming. Though analytics have been a huge part to the game in years prior, they have emerged even greater in recent years. Groopman will be taking over a role in the Milwaukee Brewers international scouting division.

After a decade working heavily in the expansion of the Kansas City Royals analytic department, Groopman looks to apply that to his new role. It is an excellent signing for the organization. The Columbia University graduate will bring a lot to the Brewer family.

With huge international names coming to the forefront it will be important to find the needle in the haystack. Names like Shohei Ohtani are the known commodities for international signings. But what about the lesser prizes?

There is a 15 year old pitcher throwing 96 in Cuba. Being able to scout and project him could be huge for the organizations competitive future. There is still time to sign this player, but they may be behind on scouting him.

This is not to say the Milwaukee Brewers international reach is not there already. They did find Eric Thames in Japan. Even a look to MLB Pipeline will show solid work by the department. Among the top 30 international prospects, the Crew have signed two of them. However, with six remaining unsigned, there is a chance for more.

Outifielder Larry Ernesto sits at number 14 on the international list. The 17 year old possesses great size and can grow into a several tools. Carlos Rodriguez is the other name under Crew control. This 16 year old outfielder sits at the 28 ranking. But, he projects as more of a speedster than a huge power threat.

The department is doing well. But with the addition of Groopman the hope is that it will become even better. Sure, the Royals will miss him, but the Milwaukee Brewers offered him a position that his old team simply could not.

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It is exciting to see this team continuing to get better in every facet they can. But they still have plenty to prove. They were on the cusp of the postseason and missed it last season. However, with the farm system they have, being able to add in great prospects from around the globe could give this team the edge to become a true dynasty. Welcome to the organization Mike Groopman.