Milwaukee Brewers: A role for Wily Peralta in 2018?

MILWAUKEE, WI - MAY 14: Wily Peralta
MILWAUKEE, WI - MAY 14: Wily Peralta /

The team at Reviewing the Brew has recommended just about every available option for the Milwaukee Brewers. No, we’re not recommending a return for Wily Peralta. That ship has sailed. Hopefully, it’s sailed far, far away from Milwaukee.

Mets beat writer Mike Puma tweeted the following on Monday:

Wily Peralta posted a 7.85 ERA in 57 1/3 innings at the Major League level in 2017. His 8.16 K/9 was impressive, but it came with a 5.02 BB/9. He’s still only 28 years old, and he may salvage his career if he lands in the right spot in 2018.

The Mets may view Peralta as a swing man, but it doesn’t say where he’ll pitch. We have a few thoughts on a possible landing for Peralta.

The Mets

If the goal is to tank for 2018 and get the top pick for the 2019 draft, Peralta makes a lot of sense in New York. Working out of the rotation and bullpen allows Peralta to blow leads in the early and late innings. Adding Peralta to their pitching staff would let fans know the exact plan for the 2018 season.

The Knicks

Wily Perlata may lack the requisite height that an NBA swingman has, but there are a few other variables to consider. Michael Beasley and Courtney Lee are taking up space on the Knicks roster as ‘swing men’ in 2017. Peralta would represent an upgrade in that he’s classified as ‘alive’, but he’s a poor fit for an NBA roster. If the Mets think Peralta works as an NBA swing man, well, there’s a reason they don’t work in basketball.

Pitching in Asia

This could actually make sense for Peralta in 2018. He’d fit right in with the Korean Baseball Organization. The KBO is a known hitters’ league, and Peralta is fantastic at getting shelled. He threw fewer than 60 innings in 2017, but he managed to give up 10 homers. He could get tagged for 30 in Korea even with the shorter season.

San Diego Padres

If Peralta ends up in San Diego, I’m putting him on every fantasy team I have. Jhoulys Chacin racked up a 1.79 ERA in over 100 innings in Petco. Peralta should be able to post a 3.50 ERA there with strikeouts in bunches. If I’m Peralta’s agent, I’m making sure that I call the Padres every day until they cave in and sign him.

Anywhere except Milwaukee

Wily Peralta is a source of frustration for the Milwaukee Brewers. He flashed the tools that hinted at a future at the top of the rotation. However, these flashes came in between awful starts. Bringing Peralta back to Milwaukee would send the wrong message to fans and the clubhouse alike. While Peralta may end up as useful pitcher at the Major League level, it won’t happen in Milwaukee.

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Wily Peralta has the velocity and pitch mix that pitching coaches are drawn to. His fastball/slider combo may suit a Major League bullpen in the future or play well in Asia. He shouldn’t get a guaranteed contract for a Major League staff this off season. He had an awful season last year, and needs to rebuild his value before he returns to a big league staff, especially not the Milwaukee Brewers.