Milwaukee Brewers: Lewis Brinson as a trade chip

MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 28: Lewis Brinson
MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 28: Lewis Brinson /

No, I am not crazy. It seems very possible for Lewis Brinson to come up in conversation for a front end starter to join the Milwaukee Brewers.

Before running me out of town for thinking this, give it a chance. I am in no way saying Brinson should be a main offering or suggesting he be traded. But with potential options like Chris Archer the cost might be the top prospect in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

Would it be so bad? The potential talent of Brinson is absolutely undeniable. However, between Domingo Santana, Brett Phillips, Keon Broxton, and Ryan Braun there are enough outfielders to get by. And to the point there is Monte Harrison proving to be a talented prospect in the AFL.

Brinson is ready to take over in the outfield and that is where a lot of his appeal comes from. Any team would want to be able to plug a young prospect with the speed and power combination he possess.

The price tag for Brinson is no less than a superstar. He is not someone that David Stearns should be shopping around at meetings to go get a starter. However, if a name like Archer or Marcus Stroman is floating and the cost would be the top prospect, it shouldn’t be an automatic “no” anymore.

Archer has several years of control left on his contract, as does Stroman. These are both top of the line arms that could be reliable assets to the starting rotation in Milwaukee. With the postseason literally games away in 2017, that kind of pitcher could be the final push into October in 2018.

It is almost a zero percent chance this happens. Brinson will more than likely be roaming the outfield in a Milwaukee Brewer uniform in 2017. Seeing him blossom will be a sight to behold for fans.

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However, there is going to be a very crowded outfield in Miller Park in the near future. Most people are predicting the movement of Broxton. But if the return would be better on Brinson is that not the smarter move to make?