Milwaukee Brewers: Stanton rumor update round three

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 29: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 29: Giancarlo Stanton /

The “Stove” is heating up around the league. Unfortunately, it seems that the Milwaukee Brewers are not on any radars.

With the recent news of the Milwaukee Brewers being out of the Shohei Ohtani that is one big target to be crossed off the list. Not to mention fans are just sitting around watching the Giancarlo Stanton saga, waiting to see if he will be joining the NL Central.

Luckily, both should be over soon. However, it seems the Stanton deal will have certain ramifications no matter where he goes. Before, I wrote that the slugger had no interest in the Cardinals. Apparently, the city of St. Louis has selective memory because they continued their pursuit.

Somehow, it worked. There is framework for a trade to both the  Cardinals and Giants. The Dodgers are still in the race, but there is a good chance they never actually made a call to the Marlins. The LA involvement is based purely on the fact that Stanton said he wants to go there.

So, here is the best interpretation of the reports on Stanton that I can give:

Miami Marlins

They want to trade Stanton. If he stays, they will blow up the team around him to get rid of other money.

St. Louis Cardinals

They are the team with the most interest in the slugging outfielder. That being said, Stanton is not interested in them. However, even after that news came out, the team and fan base continued to hope. Now, they are apparently back in the running, because there is framework for the deal.

San Francisco Giants

Also have heavy interest in Stanton. He is more inclined to go there , however the team cannot offer the same caliber trade that St. Louis can. Even so, the framework for a trade is complete and pending approval from Stanton.

Los Angeles Dodgers

To my best knowledge, Stanton is the only one keeping these rumors alive. They have not offered, they are not pursuing, they are just the ideal destination. It is possible they are more interested than is being reported.

Putting It All Together

That is a largely dramatized version of each interest. However, it is accurate. There is nothing except Stanton’s wishes connecting him to the Dodgers. At least that I have seen. But the question is, what does any of this mean?

If he goes to the Cardinals, it means he is in the NL Central. That is obvious. However, the Giants back up plan to Stanton is Andrew McCutchen. So there would potentially be one All-Star caliber outfielder leaving the division as one arrives.

More than likely, assuming Stanton moves, it will be to the Giants. It just does not seem like the Cardinals are serious players, they just are eager. Without a doubt the team can give the best offer. But, at the end of the day, it is Giancarlo Stanton’s world and we are just living in it. His no-trade clause gives him a lot of power.

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Frankly, in order to get the deal, any team will have to assume a hefty portion of the contract. That will make it hard to put serious players around him. So it would be scary seeing him in the Central, but it could bury St. Louis at the bottom of the standings.