Milwaukee Brewers: The Crew needs to call the Mets for Matz

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 10: Steven Matz
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 10: Steven Matz /

In the quest for pitching this offseason there are plenty of potential arms for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Some people may see Chris Archer as the prize, and personally I would agree. But there was a move we made at the Faux GM meetings that could be a very good one. The Reviewing the Brew team made the move for Steven Matz.

This move checks a lefty off of the list and brings in a solid pitcher. The New York Mets might be in the market to move some of their starters and that could very much benefit the Milwaukee Brewers.

Now, in the simulated world where I did my best David Stearns impression, we traded Yasmani Grandal and Marcos Diplan for Matz. Clearly, the Crew cannot trade Grandal to the Mets considering he plays for the Dodgers. But, there can be another deal reached.

Keon Broxton is a name to throw around because the Mets could use an outfielder. Plus parting with a prospect like Diplan to get Matz is not all bad. He reaches arbitration in 2019, and becomes a free agent in 2022. So that is several years with a talented left hander in the rotation.

The 26 year old had a down year in 2017. However, he did only pitch in 13 games. The injury issues are not necessarily the best thing to have when trading for someone, but it would cheapen the price tag. If the Milwaukee Brewers do not have to give up much for Matz, he will be well worth it. But if the price is steep it won’t work.

In 2016 Matz threw a full season. In 22 games, his numbers are very solid for a mid rotation starter. The ERA shows out to be a 3.40, with 129 strikeouts. Those numbers translate to a wonderful potential rotation addition. But the Mets need to give him up first.

It is not completely unrealistic to think Matz will be on the move. The Mets are stacked in the position, but there is a chance they don’t want to part with a lefty. Regardless, it is worth going after.

Looking forward, the Crew will only be getting better as the years pass. Having Matz for years to come will be a great anchor to the rotation. It will be nice not having to worry about finding a solid lefty to solidify the rotation.

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The Milwaukee Brewers need a pitcher. They probably should add a lefty to the rotation as well. Assuming Josh Hader is once again stuck in the bullpen. But that is a rant for another time. At any rate, Matz needs to be on the Crews radar.