Milwaukee Brewers: What’s the second base market like now?


The Milwaukee Brewers known to have interest in acquiring a second baseman who can hit near the top of the order. Dee Gordon is a Mariner. Ian Kinsler is an Angel. Which second base targets are still available for the Brew Crew now?

While Ian Kinsler and Dee Gordon were far from perfect fits for the Milwaukee Brewers, the list of potential targets has shrunk. There are still a few options available in free agency, and a couple potential trade targets, but the Winter Meetings are just about over. If GM David Stearns wants to add a second baseman who can lead off, he has to act quickly.

The good news is there are still options available.

Josh Harrison

The latest Josh Harrison rumors were discussed yesterday. Sadly, any rumors of trade between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates were debunked. It’s not impossible for the two teams to work out a deal, but there aren’t any indications of pending trade.

Neil Walker

Former Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Neil Walker is reportedly seeking a four-year deal. It’s hard to see Stearns agreeing to that. Walker was solid in his two months with the Brewers, but he’ll turn 33 years old before the end of the 2018 season. A 37-year old Walker playing in 2022 isn’t a situation the Brewers would want.

Unless Walker adjusts his demands, he won’t return to Milwaukee.

The Other Free Agents

Actually, Walker is pretty much it. Howie Kendrick, Chase Utley, Jose Reyes, and Brandon Phillips aren’t upgrades over the two-headed Eric Sogard / Jonathan Villar monster the Milwaukee Brewers currently have.

Whit Merrifield

The Kansas City Royals are rumored to be listening to trade offers on just about everyone. Whit Merrifield is coming off a solid season, and has several years of team control left before free agency. He’s also going to turn 29 years old before the start of Spring Training. He’s controllable, but he’s a ‘late bloomer’ in the truest sense. If the Milwaukee Brewers look to deal for Merrifield, they could pay premium value for a guy who spent parts of the last four seasons with Omaha.

Other Trade Targets

Oakland A’s second baseman Jed Lowrie and Miami Marlins second baseman Starlin Castro could both get traded this off season. There aren’t any specific rumors linking them to the Milwaukee Brewers…yet.

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There is still time for Stearns to make a decision on a second baseman for 2018. However, the lack of recent results has become frustrating. The Milwaukee Brewers have money and claim to have deals in the works. However, they have yet to make a move that will impact the Opening Day roster. Some kind of agreement is sure to happen in the next week or two, if not sooner. But the perceived lack of movement is wearing thin.