Milwaukee Brewers: A Potential Miami Deal For JT Realmuto


The Miami Marlins are in a state of panic. All of their players want out. The Milwaukee Brewers could improve their lineup because of it.

Earlier, I suggested the Milwaukee Brewers join the clearance sale with pitcher Dan Straily. However, recently it became known that JT Realmuto is asking for a trade. The Crew have a lot of catchers, but none that rival the Marlins backstop.

On the surface there is no real need for him, but there might be. The Cubs and Cardinals are very active in improving their teams, so even if there is a better option at any position it should be considered by the front office.

There is another part to this, however. In order to make the deal happen the Brewers would more than likely have to eat the contract of Starlin Castro. That is not bat either. By the end of this deal, the team is paying more money, but they upgrade at catcher and get an everyday second baseman. Would it be worth it?

Yes, yes it would be.

After two 3.5 or higher WAR seasons in a row, Realmuto is setting up for a very good 2018 season. He is set up to be very productive from the catcher position. He posts a BABIP over .300 consistently.

As far as the Castro part of the deal, it gives the Milwaukee Brewers a starting second baseman. The BABIP and batting average numbers are about the same as Realmuto. That is another improvement to the lineup.

If the young Brewers truly want to win now, these are the kinds of deals they need to make. It is imperative to make moves that will keep the Crew competitive with the talented organizations in the NL Central division.

This is not the answer that gives the team a division title. They still need a pitcher, say Chris Archer or Danny Duffy. There are even rumors starting to swirl about Marcus Stroman. The point is that getting the lineup in top shape is important, but a top of the line arm is still top priority.

The potential behind this deal is more than worth it. Realmuto will become a free agent at 30 years old in 2021. Castro will be a free agent in the same year unless his team takes the one million dollar buyout in 2020.

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With the state the Marlins are in , it is not crazy to think getting these two players are attainable. The Milwaukee Brewers need to at least talk about it. They need to break out of the dormant state and small moves they are making. It is hard to make a splash, but the Crew needs to at least try.