Milwaukee Brewers: Tim Lincecum Wants a Second Comeback

ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 23: Tim Lincecum
ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 23: Tim Lincecum /

A comeback candidate might be just what the doctor ordered for the Milwaukee Brewers rotation.

Two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum got himself in excellent shape in hopes for a comeback. The Milwaukee Brewers, as they do so often, will more than likely at least do their due diligence on him.

“The Freak” tried a comeback once before and it went horribly. Much like Shohei Ohtani, he chose to pitch for the Angels. But, this time comes with higher hopes for the once dominant Lincecum. He is jacked now.

The question remains, can he still pitch? That is an unknown answer that I am sure some team will venture to find out. The 33 year old saw a drop in velocity right around the time his numbers went south. That is not a coincidence. He went from low 90’s to high 80’s, and couldn’t strike anyone out.

His new found muscles might be just what the doctor ordered. If Lincecum’s velocity returns, then he will find more success. He may even be able to get a sharper drop on his curveball. A return of whiffs, might mean a return of production.

Does he fit with Milwaukee?

That, as with many players, would depend on the contract. If I am GM David Stearns, Lincecum does not join the Milwaukee Brewers for anything more than an MiLB deal with an invite to Spring Training. After all, who knows where he is at from a pitching standpoint.

I don’t hate the idea of Lincecum. He was one of the most dominant pitchers, and the Brewers need an MLB arm. Granted, they just signed another wash out in Yovani Gallardo. A top of the line guy would be ideal, so having two former aces with upside probably is not smart.

If the Milwaukee Brewers were to go for this, Lincecum would undoubtedly start in the minors. There is no way he should crack the Opening Day rotation. But, if he performs well then he can once again see time in the MLB.

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This is a comeback from his comeback. A sequel to his sequel. There is a chance no one even looks at him. However, based on his new muscles, they I could be very wrong. This is a toss up for Stearns. Either way it really would not hurt the Milwaukee Brewers.