Milwaukee Brewers: Will The Crew Reunite With Lorenzo Cain?

ST. LOUIS - AUGUST 18: Lorenzo Cain
ST. LOUIS - AUGUST 18: Lorenzo Cain /

Outfield is the one place the Milwaukee Brewers appear to be all set on. With a gluttony of talent, is seems more likely they would be selling instead of looking. But that might not be the case.

Whispers are arising surrounding a former All-Star, and a former member of the Milwaukee Brewers organization. MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Crew have interest in signing Lorenzo Cain. Oh, and they will ship off outfielders to make room. But we knew that.

This is certainly interesting. The report reads that there are frequent talks surrounding the 2015 third place MVP finalist. Milwaukee was the team to draft Cain back in 2004, though he appeared in only 43 games before moving to Kansas City.

How would this deal happen?

Well, just adding in Cain would leave Keon Broxton, Brett Phillips and Lewis Brinson with a fourth member to their center field party. With only three spots to fill, one of the many MLB ready players will have to move.

Not to mention the Ryan Braun and Domingo Santana of it all. Though it will be assumed those two man the corners. Though many teams still have interest in the latter. San Fransico also appears to show some heavy interest in Broxton.

What is Cain’s Value?

Sportstrac puts his market value at just over 17 million dollars a year. They also predict a four year deal. At 31, that is perfectly reasonable length wise. The money seems fairly accurate to me as well, if the Milwaukee Brewers will want to pay it.

It has been two seasons since Cain made a run at AL MVP. His follow up season was injury-laden, and he played in only 103 games. However, last season, he played in 155 and hit .300. He continues to be a menace on the basepaths as well, showing 26 steals while getting caught only twice.

Should Milwaukee Pursue?

It depends on a few factors. Nothing can happen before a move is made with the current outfield. Signing Cain beforehand will create chaos among the Milwaukee Brewers. It would probably end with two of Phillips, Brinson and Broxton spending another year or two in the minors. There just are not enough roster spots.

If Broxton and/or Santana move, then Cain will find it easier to fill into a spot. Phillips can slide into right field, and Cain will be in center. Then Braun will be in left, but should be made of glass again in 2018, Brinson will be ready.

More than likely only one will move, creating a competition between Brinson and Phillips for the fourth outfield spot. And the other will play in the minors, returning if there is an injury. Still, not a bad issue to have all the competition.

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I think Cain would be a nice addition to the Milwaukee Brewers if there is room. He is a competitor, and he gives the team a solid bat in the lineup. Should this deal happen, it will follow a trade. There is no other way for it to happen. But it is an intruiging idea.