Milwaukee Brewers Roundtable: The Ideal Future Outfield

ST. LOUIS, MO - SEPTEMBER 29: Ryan Braun
ST. LOUIS, MO - SEPTEMBER 29: Ryan Braun /
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The Milwaukee Brewers are in a very fortunate position. They currently possess too many outfielders. Looking ahead a few years down the line we will need to assess the best combination of speed, arm strength and power.

Currently the Brewers have Domingo Santana, Ryan Braun and one of Brett Phillips and Keon Broxton as major league options to start come Opening day 2018. Lewis Brinson is also a formidable option, but he will most likely begin the season in Triple-A.

Down on the farm, Milwaukee has breakout prospect Monte Harrison and 2016 first round pick, Corey Ray. Looking ahead a year or two, the best way to build the outfield you want is to have multiple weapons. 

The aforementioned skills, speed, arm strength, and power, are all currently on display in one way or another in Milwaukee’s current outfield.  

Phillips is the easy winner of the best cannon award. Santana will closely follow if he can work on his accuracy has 80 grade arm potential. There is also Braun. At 33 years old his arm is not what it used to be. But it still gets the job done. Rumors say Brinson possesses a decently strong cannon as well. However, that has yet to be on display in Miller Park.

The current speedsters on this team, there is not many. Broxton and Brinson have the best legs, but Keon struggles with Ks and getting on base while Brinson is still in the wait and see phase of his MLB career.

If you want to talk power, currently Santana and Braun are the only outfielders who have had a 30 plus home-run season in the majors. Keon had a 20-20 season in 2017. And Phillips and Brinson most likely won’t display any real examples of their pop until about 2019 when they each should have a full season under their belts.

Taking all of this into consideration and knowing the current rumors circulating this team. The best combination of outfielders seems to be pretty point blank. Braun will most likely be move to first base in the next season or two, so that rules him out immediately. Phillips has the most defensive value out of every option mostly due to his 80 grade arm. Sticking Phillips in left field seems like the most logical choice.

In center field there are a few good options. Broxton has Gold Glove potential, but his plate consistency makes him a very likely trade, or bench bat candidate. However, Brinson holds the most value in any trade just because he has high prospect status and most likely will fetch a ton in any deal made. For the time being he is still wearing navy blue and gold. He is the best fit to man center in the near future.

Finally, in right field, we have Santana, who is also the topic of multiple rumors. The powerful outfielder struggles on defense and has a problem with K’s just as Broxton, however he is only 26 years old and has plenty of time to learn. Santana clearly was a huge piece to our 2017 ball club and should continue to be for many years to come.  

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If the Brewers want to deal an outfielder.  Their best options currently sit in the minor leagues with either Corey Ray or recent breakout star Monte Harrison going in any deal the Milwaukee Brewers look to make.  Me personally, I just do not see those two players playing in Miller Park unless on another team.  That leaves Brett Phillips, Lewis Brinson and Domingo Santana as the most ideal outfield for the MIlwaukee Brewers.