Milwaukee Brewers: An Attempted Mock Trade With The Giants

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 03: Domingo Santana
MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 03: Domingo Santana /

Several connections have been drawn between the Milwaukee Brewers and the San Francisco Giants.

Curious on how that would play out, I reached out to the writers over at Around the Foghorn, the FanSided site with focus on the Giants. By the end, both sites were in agreement that there is not a deal that would work.

This is the second trade partnership that did not work out all too well. There was also an attempt to find a good deal with the Indians and things did not go as originally hoped.

Naturally, both teams want to fill their needs. On paper, it should match up. The Giants are in search of outfielders, which the Crew have plenty of. However, at least between the sites, there was no common ground.

The Wants

From the Brewers side, our interest was on Joe Panik. That goal went away quickly, as the despite a struggles in 2017, the Giants feel there are in a place to once again compete. From that point on things fizzled very quickly. Though we did make a run at some young pitching.

The goal for the guys at Around the Foghorn revolved around a package containing Domingo Santana and Keon Broxton. That was never going to happen from our side. So we tried to trade the two individually.

Santana came at a very high price and without involvement of a player like Panik, there was no deal on the horizon. Talks surrounding Broxton did continue, however. But by the end of it all, there was no deal in place.

The Offer

There was one offer made between the sides and it came from the Reviewing the Brew team. Broxton was the lone Milwaukee Brewers player in the deal for two young arms. RHP Kyle Crick and LHP Garret Williams were the desired pair, and they sit at 16 and 18 in the Giants prospect rankings.

This is similar to the deal we made for Broxton in the Faux Winter Meetings. We sent him to Baltimore for a pair of pitching prospects, a righty and a lefty. But, this time it is not meant to be. Our Giants-minded colleagues believed that they could get similar production from free agents like Austin Jackson or Jarrod Dyson without giving up prospects.

Where This Falls Apart

This potential partnership falls apart because both teams feel they are in a place to compete. The Giants will not be able to find a package for Santana because they will be wary of giving up the necessary talent.

Though from the Milwaukee Brewers side they are undervaluing Broxton by a lot, that is their stance on him. Because of that, there is no way to get the kind of value back that we see in the outfielder. In the end, it is all about how each team evaluates the players, and those don’t often match.

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This proves as another valiant effort to get value in a trade. However, it is another failure. Without adding in the perspective of guys who focus on the other team, we could make a ton of trades. But that will never be the greatest indicator for reality. Though we see Broxton in one way, his reputation is not the same over on the west coast as of now.