Milwaukee Brewers: Interest And An Offer For Christian Yelich

PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 24: Christian Yelich
PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 24: Christian Yelich /

Reports are now stating that the Milwaukee Brewers have made an offer to the Marlins for Christian Yelich.

There are a lot of rumors out there regarding the Milwaukee Brewers for players of all positions. However, this is different. This means that David Stearns and company are attempting to make a move for Yelich.

It is not a secret that the outfielder wants out of Miami, after all who wouldn’t right now? Reviewing the Brew looked into the idea as well, and now an offer is on the table. To be honest, it is confusing.

Yelich is a great talent, and it would not be bad at all to see him penciled into the Milwaukee Brewers lineup. That being said, there is an issue of space. It is the same problem that came about with the Lorenzo Cain rumor, with the same reasoning.

The acquisition of Yelich would mean there is more moves to be made in the outfield. Getting the Marlins centerfielder, to me, would signal that there is a top of the line pitcher on the way. He poses as an insurance player to trade away some of the young talent in the lineup.

Another thing Yelich brings to the table is control. He is under contract until 2022, when he will turn 30. He will be making seven million in 2018, and that will increase every year through 2021 when it will reach 14 million. There is an option for 2022 for 15 million or a 1.25 million dollar buyout.

Coming of two straight years of a 4.5 WAR shows the value of Yelich to a lineup. So the question is, what would that cost as far as prospects? That is where this can get kind of scary. Reportedly during talks with the Braves, the Marlins were demanding Ronald Acuna in the deal. That is the Braves top prospect, and the reigning MiLB hitter of the year according to Baseball America.

Though the Marlins offered to go five for one, according CBS, it is going to be interesting to see who is in the offer. But due to the excess of young talent in the Milwaukee Brewers organization it might not be too big a hit.

Inclusion of a name like Lewis Brinson or Brett Phillips is doubtful. However, because of previous asking prices, it might not be ridiculous to think an name like Corey Ray would be in the talks. But that is more comfortable. Movement of Brinson or Domingo Santana would need to result in a return such as Chris Archer, and that is not going to happen from Miami.

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Still, things are moving. Getting Yelich would be the first of a series of moves. I trust Stearns and what he is thinking. It will be exciting to see how the chess match in his head plays out in real life. The Milwaukee Brewers are already going to contend for the division, but they continue to get better with every move it seems.