Milwaukee Brewers: Lewis Brinson Cracks Top Outfield Prospects

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson /

The Milwaukee Brewers top prospect from 2017 checks in at number seven in the top 10 outfielders for 2018.

Unless something insane happens, Lewis Brinson will be the top prospect for the Milwaukee Brewers again in 2018. He has been exciting prospect and since coming to the Brewers organization.

There is no secret that his path to Miller Park will not be easy, and it has not been thus far. Though if Ryan Braun stays true to his word, and remains open to a move to first base, things will get easier. Brinson is full of potential though. He will find his way into the lineup if he is not traded first.

The 2017 rankings put Brinson as number six among outfielders and number 13 overall. That means he will be dropping in the top 100 rankings when they come out. But that should not do anything to his 30/30 potential.

There are two things that could be hurting Brinson’s standing. It is hard to see a guy who hit .331 in Triple A move down in ranks. But his less than stellar showing with inconsistent time at the MLB level might be hurting him.

That being said, the biggest factor is more than likely his age. Brinson will be 24 in May. Of the six players ahead of him on the list, only one will turn 24 this year too and his name is Shohei Ohtani. That is not to say that Brinson is old, but he is getting a little old to hold a top prospect ranking. Many of the names above him are about 20 years old.

Honestly, these rankings really should not even matter for Brinson. His talent is known. He will be breaking into the Milwaukee Brewers lineup in 2018 and he might not let go. It is that simple. A guy who hit .331 in Colorado Springs and is only 23 at the moment comes with no worries at all.

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Between Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana and Brinson, the outfield is looking very good. If that is the core for the Milwaukee Brewers for years to come, things will be very good moving forward. This team is in a great place right now.