Milwaukee Brewers: Lorenzo Cain Comes Back To Milwaukee

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 4: Lorenzo Cain /

It is a busy night for the Milwaukee Brewers. Shortly after Christian Yelich joins the Crew, so does Lorenzo Cain.

So now the crowded outfield expands. This is just two of a series of moves yet to come, but right now there has to be an uneasy feeling in the stomachs of Domingo Santana, Keon Broxton and Brett Phillips. The move for both Yelich and Cain bring experience to the Milwaukee Brewers outfield in a way it didn’t have before.

It would be understandable for one to happen, but both is absolutely mind blowing. Unless Cain or Yelich can suddenly play second base or can be an ace, someone is moving. Most likely it will be Santana.

The deal is five years for 80 million dollars. And it means Cain’s career has now come full circle. A funny twist here is that trading the outfielder to the Royals actually made part of the Yelich trade possible, as pointed out by Kyle Lobner.

A lot of money just came in between the two. It will be interesting to see what happens. For me, it almost says that Ryan Braun moving could be on the horizon because of his contract. But that is a long shot and probably will not happen.

It is more likely Santana will be on the move, and maybe for an ace. That would make all of this make more sense. Though even with Santana gone there is still Braun, Phillips, Broxton and the two new guys. Essentially names change and the situation does not.

The one guy who probably won’t move is Phillips. Maybe Santana and Broxton could be packaged for a name like Chris Archer or Marcus Stroman. The one thing to bet on is that David Stearns has a plan in motion. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about Yu Darvish.

This is a splash, and Yelich is a splash. This team wants to compete this year. Frankly, they might be able to now. The Milwaukee Brewers were so close last year, and Stearns is saying close will not cut it again in 2018.

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Excitement is in the air. But I am waiting until the conclusion of these moves to be optimistic about anything. I want to see what else happens, because something is about to. In Stearns we should trust.