Milwaukee Brewers: Quintin Berry Signs MiLB Deal

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 20: Quintin Berry /

It was announced earlier via tweet that the Milwaukee Brewers have signed Quintin Berry to an MiLb deal.

Berry spent last season as a part of the Milwaukee Brewers organization as well. Through seven games and three at bats he did not get a hit, however he did steal two bases. The 33 year old totals 132 games in the majors with a batting average of .262.

Essentially Berry is used as a pinch runner more than anything. He played only one season back in 2012 for the Tigers that lasted more than 13 games. His 6.8 baserunner rating is the best thing to come out of it.

Since then he is a certified depth piece. His speed will always attract teams to ink him, just in case. For the 10 game he spent in Colorado Springs last season he hit .286. However, prior to that he was in the Minnesota Twins organization.

The idea of a journeyman is defined by Berry. His career has seen many different teams and many different parts of the country. From 2006-2010 he played in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. After that he spent time with the Reds, Tigers, Red Sox, Royals, Orioles, Cubs, Blue Jays, Angels, Twins and finally the Milwaukee Brewers. And he had second stints with some of those teams.

That is some impressive experience, or it says something about him. Probably the experience though. And if he is going to be in the minors, he can share that with the prospects he encounters. Overall, it is not a bad move, not that there can be a bad MiLB deal.

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There is not a whole lot more to say about the outfielder. He can run very well, and he will do that to help the team if given the situation. Everyone might have expected the next Milwaukee Brewers announcement to be huge, but there is still time.