Milwaukee Brewers: Hiram Burgos Signs MiLB Deal

MILWAUKEE, WI - MAY 21: Hiram Burgos
MILWAUKEE, WI - MAY 21: Hiram Burgos /

The Milwaukee Brewers have signed Hiram Burgos to an MiLB deal.

Last season in Double A for the Milwaukee Brewers, Burgos performed very well. Through five games he threw for a 2.29 ERA and a 2-0 record. Unfortunately for him, he also pitched for Colorado Springs one level up. That did not go as well.

He did have one of the better moments in the Milwaukee Brewers organization in 2017. Burgos started a game that ended with a combined no hitter against the Cubs Double A team. Though he got the start, Forrest Snow took the win when all was said and done.

Burgos is a former sixth rounder. The Milwaukee Brewers selected him in 2009 and he is a career Crew farmhand. In 2013 Burgos did reach the majors. He threw nearly 30 innings with an ERA over six. He has yet to make it back to the show.

At 30 years old, Burgos is more than likely going to be used as organizational depth. But with a good performance he might see time in the show again. His ERA is above four during his time at Triple A, so he will need to improve.

The struggle so far for Burgos is health. One of the main reasons he lost out on his rotation spot back in 2013 is a lingering shoulder injury. But, he continues to fight his way back, and he continues to get close. Last season he got a chance at Spring camp.

While it does not look like Burgos will crack the Milwaukee Brewers rotation again, he could find himself in the bullpen. He mostly has been a starter throughout his career, but things change. This roster just bolstered the pitching quantity, and that makes his road longer. It would not hurt to try him in a relief role, but throughout his career in the minors he only relieved in 26 of his 176 appearances.

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No mater what, it is nice to have Burgos back. If he can stay healthy and pitch well in Triple A, he might see time with the Milwaukee Brewers. He has more than paid his dues, but he is just in a weird situation. If nothing else he will be a help to some of the younger guys coming through the system.