Milwaukee Brewers: Will They Attend Jake Peavy’s Showcase?


Former MLB pitcher Jake Peavy is preparing to do a showcase for MLB teams with interest. Will the Milwaukee Brewers be there?

This is a very Tim Lincecum-esque move by Peavy, and the Milwaukee Brewers decided to attend The Freak’s showcase. Peavy is aiming to hold it around May 1st and until then he will be spending time with his family. It has not been an easy few years for the MLB veteran, but his life is back in place enough to try an end his career on much better terms.

When the news first came out, I looked into the possibility of Peavy. After walking away from the game, an attempted comeback at 36 should not warrant anything except a one year deal. If the price is right, then there is no reason not to try. The right price, however, would probably need to be a minors deal.

But I dive into the money in my earlier post. The question now is, will the Brewers want to attend the showcase? Early prediction, yes. It might be because they have a need by May, or it could just be for different reasons. Either way, I have a large amount of confidence that they will attend.

They decided to attend Lincecum’s showcase, and there is no real immediate need. The thing about David Stearns and company is that they kick the tires on everyone. That is how the crazy Mike Moustakas rumors came about.

Statistically, Peavy did not impress in his last season. His ERA sat above five and his FIP above four. But he might have gotten in better shape or figured something out mechanical that will improve his numbers during his time off. That is what the showcase is for, so teams can see where his skills are at.

The fact remains that Peavy is a former Cy Young award winner, and teams will jump at the chance to sign him if he looks good. Unfortunately for the player he has no leverage. He will be forced to potentially take a minor league deal, but probably nothing longer than one year.

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Without a doubt, the Milwaukee Brewers will attempt to be at the showcase in May. It is too good of an opportunity to not at least check in, and that is something Stearns knows. One thing is for certain, it will be nice to have Jake Peavy back in baseball.