Milwaukee Brewers: Minor League Camp, Hitters Edition

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This group is so big, they need to be split up. Big names from this part include Quintin Berry and Trent Grisham.

Pablo Abreu

This outfielder from the Dominican Republic 18 year old hit .261 across two levels in 2017. Most of Pablo Abreu’s season was spent with the DSL Brewers. He stole seven bases in 59 games, but was also caught six times. The 18 year old still has plenty of time to grow, but his batting average is not in a bad starting place.

Ryan Aguilar

Even though he is listed as a first baseman, he logged more time in the outfield. Ryan Aguilar showed some pop and speed out of the left handed batters box by hitting four triples. Though he did only hit .206 for Wisconsin.

Carlos Belonis

In another example of a shortstop who changed positions, Carlos Belonis transitioned after his first year. It is a move that made a lot of sense considering his 15 errors. In recent years he has been a speed threat, however he only stole eight bases in 2017.

Quintin Berry

One of the few players who has MLB experience is Quintin Berry. He is mostly known for being one of the best pinch runners coming off the bench. In fact, he did that for the Milwaukee Brewers last season.

Leugim Castillo

As with several hitters on this list, Leugim Castillo has a pretty small sample size. He played in only 12 games in 2017 after the Milwaukee Brewers selected him in the 17th round. It did not go all too well, as he hit .178 and struck out 19 times.

Zach Clark

After a fairly solid debut at the plate in 2016, Zach Clark saw a drop in his numbers last season. He did hit .263 for Helena, which is better than his 2016 mark, but upon promotion to Wisconsin his average fell under .200.

Clint Coulter

The Milwaukee Brewers 2012 first round pick is coming along slowly. In 2017 Clint Coulter spent the whole year with Biloxi hitting .234with 14 homers. It is not the quickest development in history, but he is showing signs of why he was worth a first round pick.

Johnny Davis

If speed is the need, then look no further than Johnny Davis. In 2017, he stole 52 bases. At 27 years old, he might turn into a Quintin Berry type. His .263 batting average last season for Biloxi makes his steal numbers even more impressive.

Jay Feliciano

Opposite of Davis, Jay Feliciano provides more pop at the plate. Last season playing for Helena, the 22 year old hit .279 with 13 homeruns. He will likely get a chance to play above Rookie level in 2018.

Trent Grisham

One of the big names to fill out this first group of outfielders is Trent Grisham. He exploded on the scene causing him to be ranked 11 on the 2017 Brewers prospect list. Unfortunately, he did not live up to that by hitting .223. However, he did walk an astounding 98 times.

Rob Henry

As the 39th round pick in 2017, there were very little expectations for Rob Henry. Despite that, he hit .261 through 43 games as a member of AZL Brewers. He also added 17 steals with more walks than steals.