Milwaukee Brewers: Archer Likely Not On The Move

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 22: Pitcher Chris Archer
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 22: Pitcher Chris Archer /

With the Rays continuing to trade their top talent, the next move for the Milwaukee Brewers seems clear. One of the best fits and maybe the best option potentially available is Chris Archer.

Over the course of this offseason I have been one of the biggest supporters of Archer to the Milwaukee Brewers. However, there are certain similarities between the state of the Marlins at the time of the Christian Yelich deal and the current state of the Rays. The situation is vaguely similar.

Think back to where the Marlins were at the time of the Yelich trade. They were trading off expensive assets and not getting all to great of returns. Then, all of a sudden, the Brewers sent them three of their current top 10 prospects. That includes their top two. The fourth player in the package, Jordan Yamamoto, is number 23.

Fast forward to present day and the Rays trade Jake Odorizzi straight up for a mid tier prospect. Then a day later they trade Brandon Drury in a three way deal in which they got a prospect from the Yankees and former Brewer farmhand Anthony Banda from the Diamondbacks. So far, these trades have gotten them two of their top 10 as of their 2017 MLB Pipeline rankings.

So, they are not getting the return that they should be for their players. The Evan Longoria trade was not awful. But since the trades are questionable at best. Just like the Marlins. That means they might be trying to make it up with one trade and get a huge haul.

No Trade?

Another similarity with these situations is that neither team is openly in the place to trade them. Before Yelich requested a trade, they Marlins were set on building around him. Now, the Rays are wanting to do the same with Archer.

However, the team does seem adamant that Archer will not be on the move. And the odds are they believe that too. However, with the right offer they won’t be saying no. That just means that it is going to cost way too much.


There is one key difference, Yelich requested a trade out of Miami. Archer is not in the same boat as the newly acquired Milwaukee Brewers outfielder. The pitcher does not have any desire to move on to another organization.

So, that one tweet likely ruins any prior arguments I have made. But the point is that Archer will cost a lot in terms of prospects IF he is on the move. However, that is a really big “if” at this point in time.

Will Archer Be On The Move?

I don’t think so. At least not yet. Especially with the start of Spring Training, it seems as though the Rays are truly going to stand pat and roll with Archer and Kevin Kiermaier teaming up with not a whole lot else.

They think they can compete. Good for them, although it might be a delusion of grandeur. Especially now that their top pitching prospect Brent Honeywell might be going down with an injury.

If Archer is the guy, the Milwaukee Brewers will likely have to wait. By the trade deadline in July, the Rays will see how far out of playoff contention they are and likely finish scorching earth. That is only roughly three more players at this point, so it is not like they are too far off. Plus, waiting might actually drop the price.

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Chris Archer would be a great move for the Milwaukee Brewers. Unfortunately, he is under a lot of control and the Rays do not have to be in any hurry to move him. It will likely depend a lot on how the season plays out.