Milwaukee Brewers: Bullpen Ranks Among Top In MLB

MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 15: Corey Knebel
MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 15: Corey Knebel /

The Milwaukee Brewers sit with the ninth best bullpen in the league entering the 2018 season according to

Anthony Castrovince ranks the top ten bullpens to start the year, which you can see here. The Milwaukee Brewers were able to squeak into the upper echelon in the league. While things will change as the season goes on, it is a good place to be. Especially with some question marks in the starting rotation.

Reviewing the Brew writer, John, recently dove into the importance of the bullpen to the overall success of the team. He did an excellent job, and because the relief will be so vital, it emphasizes how big this top ranking really is for the Crew.

Who Is Leading The Way?

Corey Knebel will be very important. His breakout last season is a huge reason as to why the Brewers bullpen is getting this recognition. If he regresses, the overall bullpen success will be regressing with him. But that is an obvious answer.

The other big name in my mind at this point is Josh Hader. His role is going to be huge this season. Keeping with the idea that he will eventually be a starter, he can provide innings this season. Looking at the current rotation as is, there might be a massive need for an innings eater out of the bullpen. Enter Hader.

Health Warning

This is a talented group, but it is not all that deep. Boone Logan has already found his way to the sideline with an injury, and that is not a trend that can continue. Though it is early, and the veteran southpaw will be back. But he is going to serve as the primary lefty specialist, and that is not something the Milwaukee Brewers have in spades.

Breakout Star of 2018

Last season it was Knebel. This is season, it will not be a closer. The easy answer is Jacob Barnes, but I want to go bold. Yovani Gallardo. He is now working in a relief role, and if his velocity is truly back up, he will be great in a innings eating role, or even in a middle relief setting. The caveat to the prediction is that he will need to be on the Brewers at some point in 2018, which is not a definite bet.

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Either way, this bullpen is going to be a huge factor for the Milwaukee Brewers. The group looks good, as evidence by the ranks. As the season progresses, the relievers will need to live up to their preseason hype for October baseball to be on the horizon.