Milwaukee Brewers: What Pitchers Could Be Available At The Deadline?

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer
HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer /
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Marcus Stroman

This is another example of the AL East pitcher that might be available at the deadline. The Jays really do not seem to be in a place to compete this season. Frankly, the top two teams are just too good for the rest of the division. That is what kills Toronto. They are talented, but not to the level of the Yankees and Red Sox.

Another source of tension before the season even started was his arbitration case. He tweeted about hearing all the negative things his organization said about him in order to win the case. The full unfolding can be seen here.

When it comes down to it, Stroman just wants to pitch. He knows what happened and why it did, he just wants to get out there and compete. Without a doubt, he is a fan favorite in Toronto, and there is very good reason for that. Milwaukee would love him just the same.

Brewers Chances

While I think that Stroman would fit very well in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform, I am not positive it will happen. The Blue Jays are not in a win or bust mode. The moves they made all allow for a couple seasons of trying. I don’t think that letting Stroman go is in their best interest, and I am sure they feel the same.

That does not mean that Milwaukee won’t try. Things happen, and the top talents in the division might not be on top by the trade deadline. For all we know, Toronto could be outplaying their division rivals. They have a better shot than the Rays, so it could happen.

If the cards fall the right way, this is my favorite choice for the Brewers. It would seem that Stroman is the best choice too because he will check a lot of necessary boxes that the Crew needs to take their game to the next level.