Milwaukee Brewers: What Pitchers Could Be Available At The Deadline?

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer
HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer /
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CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 16: Starting pitcher Michael Fulmer
CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 16: Starting pitcher Michael Fulmer /

Michael Fulmer

Everyone can see what is going on in Detroit. Al Avila pressed the button to blow everything up. They sold off JD Martinez, Justin Upton, and Justin Verlander. Oh, and Avila sent his own son to the Cubs. What kind of sick and twisted punishment is that?

They did keep Michael Fulmer though, who enters his first year of arbitration in 2019. It is not insane to believe they will keep him for the long haul, much like they did with Verlander. But they are poised to finish so far down in their division that they might just sell their greatest asset. Fans will be clamoring for something else to happen, and Fulmer could be that something.

ESPN thinks this move is entirely possible. According to them a lot of teams will be after Fulmer, but still the Milwaukee Brewers are one of them. It makes enough sense, though the former Rookie of the Year did not have the best follow-up season.

Brewers Chances

There are a lot of potential suitors for Fulmer and that is not good for the Brewers chances. He is young and controllable; the price tag will be massive to start out, but adding in other teams makes that tag skyrocket even more. It might not be worth paying, especially after the price paid for Christian Yelich.

The talent is there with Fulmer. We’ve all seen how dominant he can be. Even in his “down” year he still pitched to the tune of a 3.83 ERA. That is just not the ace level performance that everyone wants him to be at.

Without a doubt, Fulmer has the potential to be an ace for a lot of years. It is not a terrible move for the Crew to make, but it will cost a pretty penny. In all reality, it is hard to see any price tag that will not feel like too much for just a single player.