Milwaukee Brewers: What Pitchers Could Be Available At The Deadline?

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer
HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 03: Chris Archer /
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ – FEBRUARY 20: Madison Bumgarner
SCOTTSDALE, AZ – FEBRUARY 20: Madison Bumgarner /

Madison Bumgarner

It is just not a prediction piece without naming someone who vaguely makes sense. Yes, this is a long shot. But it does not feel like it is impossible. The San Francisco Giants were bad last year, and if they are struggling again, they will probably move to sell. They will be starting the year without Madison Bumgarner and Jeff Samardzija, which does not help them win in the slightest.

The other thing is that they traded to go all in. But what they got was two veterans that are not exactly in their prime. It is hard to see them in a good spot around deadline time, so they will sell. If they do, the Brewers could be right there with their arms open.

With the Giants landing the second overall pick in the next draft, they did not end in good shape. It is not impossible, but also not common for teams to make that drastic of a turn around. Especially for a rotation that begins the year without two of its top pitchers.

Brewers Chances

The teams have talked. There were so many rumors between them this offseason, and that is not because they were freezing each other out. The Giants like some of the young talent in Milwaukee, and Milwaukee will like some of the talent ready to win now.

Bumgarner also brings playoff and World Series experience, as well as being a lefty. A couple of freak accidents have sidelined him for a long time, but he is likely still a dominant pitcher who has a lot to offer to a youthful Brewers squad. But remember, this is very long shot.

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It is more interesting to think about than bound to happen. But MadBum in a Brewers uniform would be no doubt helpful to the team. If the Milwaukee Brewers are competing at the deadline, there will be a pitcher on his way to Miller Park, it is just a matter of who.