Milwaukee Brewers: Yelich and Cain Already Making Big Impacts

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Lorenzo Cain
SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Lorenzo Cain /

The Milwaukee Brewers acquired two of the best outfielders on the market on the same day this off season in Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain. They have both gotten off to great starts at the top of the Brewers lineup. Even in just the opening series, this success provides an idea of the potential of this lineup with these two in it.

The Milwaukee Brewers began the 2018 season with a sweep of the San Diego Padres. They now head home for the first series at Miller Park against the St. Louis Cardinals. A big reason for the success in San Diego was Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain at the top of the lineup.

For the first two games of the series, Cain hit in the lead off spot with Yelich immediately following in the two hole. In the third game, the lineup was switched around a bit. Although Cain looks like the perfect lead off hitter for this team, he was moved to the three hole with Ryan Braun on the bench. The impact of both remained the same.

What did they do at the plate?

In this series Yelich was 7-for-14 with one walk, four runs scored, and three RBIs. Cain went 8-for-14 with one walk, three runs scored, and three RBIs. That is a combined 15-for-28 with two walks, seven runs scored, and six RBIs. Those are crazy good numbers from the duo at the top of the lineup in only one series.

One of the Milwaukee Brewers biggest offensive problems last season was getting on base. A lot of their hitters were high power, high strikeout guys. Yelich and Cain were brought in to change that. If these two continue to get on base like they are, you can only imagine the RBI numbers guys like Braun, Travis Shaw and Domingo Santana will enjoy.

How did they look in the field?

Another reason the Milwaukee Brewers upgraded their outfield was for their defensive talents. Both were good defensively in this series, including Cain making multiple long runs for catches. The amount of effort they put into their defense was visible in the opening series.

Some may have questioned the signing of Cain due to the surplus of outfielders in the organization, but Cain seems to fit in well. He will bring a veteran presence that is rare on this team. It was almost non-existent last year outside of Braun.

It’s not just that he is a veteran who has playoff success on his resume. It’s that he is still one of the best all around players in the game. He also seems to be aging well in all phases. Having him back in the organization that drafted him is the perfect situation for him to continue to succeed in his career.

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Yelich and Cain have already made their presence felt in this opening series. This already good Milwaukee Brewers lineup from last season is immensely improved with them hitting at the top. The Brewers will need them to continue to get on base. The team has an important stretch of games coming up next against the Cardinals and the Cubs.