Milwaukee Brewers: Braun Providing Reminiscent Spark

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun
SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun /

Ryan Braun’s bat is important. He offers a veteran presence to a young team. Plus, his history of big hits in pressure situations makes his appearance in the Milwaukee Brewers lineup all the more imperative.

Throughout his previous eleven seasons in the majors, he has his fair share of big hits in late game situations. He didn’t waste much time in his twelfth, taking down the Padres with a three-run homer to put the Milwaukee Brewers up two in the top of the ninth. The 0-2 count makes it even more impressive.

The homerun should provide an excitement factor for fans. Expectations are high since it only took two games for Braun to showcase his ability to lead the Brewers to victory.

Previous Heroics

Early in his career, he impressed baseball fans all over the country with crunch time homeruns. For example, 2008 was a memorable year for Braun. Late in September, he helped to keep the Brewers’ playoff hopes alive. He blasted a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the tenth to beat the Pirates 5-1.

Only a few days later, he once again displayed late game heroics. In the bottom of the eighth, he broke the 1-1 tie, launching the ball over the fence for a 3-1 lead. The implications were much greater than a win or a loss, though. With the win over the Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers clinched an NL Wild Card spot. This was their first postseason qualification since 1982.

Another example came in 2011 when he hit a walk-off solo blast against the Colorado Rockies in the eleventh inning, leading the Brew Crew to a 2-1 victory.

Not all of his big time hits have gone over the fence, though all of these examples include homeruns. But, these provide some of the best evidence as to why Braun is so lethal at the plate.

His Bat Keeps Him in the Lineup

He may not be the most well-liked player in Brewer history, especially after the PED scandal. But there is no doubt that he has a lot to offer to the organization. Braun has more years of major league experience than Jesus Aguilar and Eric Thames combined. Though it may not be as a first baseman, his veteran leadership and his bat make up for his lack of experience in the position.

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Further, he isn’t a player known for his defensive prowess. But, his ability to transition to first base has been crucial. Braun’s bat is imperative to the lineup. He has proven it multiple times in his career, and he reminded fans of it with his game-winning homerun against the Padres.