Milwaukee Brewers: Corey Knebel Down


All hearts in Brewer nation skipped a beat as the Milwaukee Brewers All-Star closer fell to the ground clutching his hamstring.

Corey Knebel had to be carried off of the field. It is full out scary. The Milwaukee Brewers were trailing the Cubs 8-0 when Knebel threw a pitch and fell to the ground. Trainers had to carry him off of the field.

The Moment

Watching the play, it looked as if Knebel was not able to fully extend his lower body on the throw. Before the pitch even reached home plate, Knebel was on the ground with his throwing hand clutching his glove side hamstring.

Hernan Perez needed to come and finish the inning and the Brewers went into the bottom of the ninth headed for an impossible comeback. Needless to say, they are down one game and one all-star closer.

Why Was Knebel In The Game?

It is important to have relievers active and throwing in games, and Knebel had not pitched since game two. So it is not insane to have him tuning some things up. The deficit did not matter, it was the work Knebel would get. Manager Craig Counsell would not have wanted his closer to be cold when they needed him. This is a horrid hazard of the game.

What Now?

It would seem as though Jacob Barnes would be next in line to close. But honestly, what is important is Knebel’s time table. The Milwaukee Brewers will want him back as soon as possible. The way he went down, it does not look good at all.

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This could open the door for Josh Hader to get a shot at closing, but that is a long shot. The Brewers seem to like him in a middle relief stopper role. But I think he should close. That should be his future. Either way, hopefully Knebel is back soon.