Milwaukee Brewers: An Abundance Of Errors Early

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Jonathan Villar
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Jonathan Villar /

Two games in a row the Milwaukee Brewers have been held scoreless while committing three errors in the field.

Four of these six errors in the last two games are coming from the second base position. The Milwaukee Brewers offense will come around, the bats are too talented to stay quiet. However, if the sloppy play in the field continues then it is tough sledding ahead for the Crew.

All The Errors

Throw out the offensive struggles and the record early on. The Brewers started at 2-5 through the first seven games last year. What is going to kill them is the 10 errors committed so far in the 2018 season. Opponents have tallied four total errors. In 2017, the Crew committed six errors in the first seven last season.

In game one against the Rockies in 2017, there were three errors, a number the Crew have matched in the last two games. So far in 2018, there has been only one clean game with a zero in that column. A game the Brewers need to replicate going forward.

It is a coaches cliché, but it reigns true; walks and errors are killers.

Second Base

There is no need to give up on anybody this early in the season. It would be stupid. However, between Jonathan Villar and Hernan Perez there are four errors in two games. Offense betwen the two aside, which leans toward Villar, they just need to field the ball. If we see Sogard in game two against the Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers might be going for the trifecta of multi-error games at the position.

If the three guys at the MLB level are not going to cut it, the team will be forced to look into the minors. Nate Orf was the starter for the Colorado Springs opener, so he would seem to be the favorite for a chance. But don’t count out Mauricio Dubon either.

It’s Early

As the season progresses, the hope is that the dust shakes off. The play on the field will clean up and the runs will start to come across the plate. It’s early, and panicking is a waste of energy.

The biggest issues facing the Milwaukee Brewers is going to be health. Corey Knebel is down, Christian Yelich is having oblique issues, and that is scary. Everything else will come around, the health is going to be a massive factor this season.

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The Brewers defensive showing the last couple nights has not been the best. Somehow, they still have a winning record. Clutch hitting is their calling card so far, but it will not be a reliable source. Early struggles are common, and there is nowhere to go but up.