Milwaukee Brewers: Opening Day Series vs STL, Fan’s Eyeview

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun
SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun /
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Milwaukee Brewers Home Opener

Inside the stadium, we leave behind the cold temperatures of April 2 that torment us outside. The retractable roof of our beloved Miller Park keeps us toasty. Ahh, modern technology. This is our house…and it smells like sausage!

We close our eyes and shut our mouths to pay our respect during the National Anthem.

Some shed a tear for their country and some get emotional as they listen to the Milwaukee Brewers Owner Mark Attanasio’s sons. The young men keep the tradition left by their late grandfather by kicking off the home opener with the country’s song.

Then, the beats coming out of the speakers quicken and pitcher Zach Davies leads the starters onto the field. Fans make Miller Park vibrate in its foundation as they introduce themselves to the new version of the team.

Yelich, Cain, and Domingo Santana round out the outfield. Ryan Braun debuts at first base hoping he will be healthy this season. 2018 will be great! Hashtag, this is our Crew!

The power of the Miler Park fans does not will its way to a Milwaukee Brewers 2018 Opening Day win, however.

The Brewers score early, but not often enough. Cain, Yelich and Braun combine for a disappointing 1-12 at the plate. The Brewers do whack a few homers, but the atmosphere in the stadium felt poisoned early.

Starting pitcher Davies shows strikeout stuff, but he gives up six earned runs. Orlando Arcia makes a great, ranging play to his glove side, but he goes hitless at the plate.

Before the newly sponsored Johnsonville Sausage Race happens in the mid-sixth, Miller Park exuded a haze of gloom that felt so familiar. Rally caps come out but not with any real pride.

Cubs and Red Sox fans had a traditional lore of pain that stemmed from proud franchises with World Series wins in their past. For Brewers fans, it is different. The hopelessness feels more indifferent. Perhaps it is better to have won a World Series and then lost for a long time than to have never won a World Series at all.

As the team flounders on the field, our minds go back into a pit. The food at Miller Park is so expensive and so and so.

Cardinals win.

They always win.