Milwaukee Brewers: Opening Day Series vs STL, Fan’s Eyeview

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun
SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 30: Ryan Braun /
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Milwaukee Brewers Opening Series Game 2

In the past, Milwaukee Brewers fans and players would accept defeat and whimper back to their homes within their minds. This year, however, those homes are not as cozy. Green Bay Packers news isn’t a security blanket.

Fans fought through an April blizzard getting to Miller Park for game two of the series on Tuesday, April 3.

But it looks like catastrophe again. The losing tradition.

The Cardinals lead off with back-to-back home runs and cruise through seven innings leaving the Milwaukee Brewers fans cheerless. Ryan Braun and Jonathan Villar have looked particularly lost at the plate. Braun almost gets ejected arguing balls and strikes.

In the eighth inning, however, Milwaukee’s heart beats again. The Brewers cap a 2-run inning when struggling Villar ropes an RBI single that draws his team to within a run.

The crowd is not ready to predict a win, but the Brewers players have their fanbase leaning forward.

With two outs in the ninth, Christian Yelich rockets those fans out of their seats. He slugs a homer into the Toyota Territory for his first homer in front of the home crowd! Extra innings!

Then, Ryan Braun makes fans feel like its 2008 all over again. Since his steroid controversy, Braun went from superstar to quiet, supporting player. It seemed Ryan Braun the superstar had been slowly dying over the past couple of seasons.

But, with his game-winning homer in San Diego to open the 2018 season lingering in the minds of Milwaukee Brewers fans, we all remain standing as Braun walks to the batter’s box April 3.

He didn’t give them time to sit.

“I still had my batting gloves on,” Yelich later said about how quickly it all happened.

On the first pitch, Braun launches a no-doubt-about-it walk-off home run. He flips his bat, he looks at the Brewers dugout, and he struts the bases!

The stadium is not full, but it sounds like it. Teammates look like they break some of Newton’s Laws zooming out of the dugout in celebration. Braun gets drenched with Gatorade by his co-players as he crosses home plate.

Perhaps there is another chapter to Ryan Braun’s career that will exceed anything he did as superstar Ryan Braun.

For the first time in MLB history, a game began and ended with back-to-back homers.

The Brewers win.