Milwaukee Brewers: Early Reactions To 2018 Ryan Braun

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Ryan Braun
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Ryan Braun /

So far, 2018 has not been kind to the longtime star of the Milwaukee Brewers. There is little reason to worry about Ryan Braun, and these reactions are far too early, but still there are things worth noting.

The obvious issue that anyone would notice is that he is striking out a lot early on. Braun just does not look comfortable at the plate thus far, and it is hurting the Milwaukee Brewers. In his first 36 plate appearances, his strikeout rate is above 30 percent. Even though he has been responsible for some exciting moments already, that is about it so far this year.

It would be one thing if Braun was hitting the ball hard and getting out, but the strikeout rate is just killer. The team as a whole is following suit. During the series with the Cubs, the Brewers secured a single hit in 19 attempts with runners in scoring position. Eight of the outs made in that situation were by strikeout.

It is still too early to consider anything, for any player, a real problem. Sometimes players need to heat up. Then again, sometimes they turn into Jonathan Villar from 2017. But Braun has more than enough experience under his belt to ward off any real worry there could be.

With that in mind, what can help Braun get on track?

The Reverse Josh Hader

Part of Josh Hader’s new look is wearing contacts and not glasses. So, maybe Braun can look into glasses. It worked for Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in a fictional movie. That means there is precedent, right? He can just borrow Eric Sogard’s glasses during batting practice, just to try it out.

Yes, I’m joking.

Hang Out With Jonathan Villar

This recommendation is more real. If the early approach is not working, change it. That is what Johnathan Villar did by watching Joey Votto tapes. One of our readers made a suggestion that makes a lot of sense, and that is to follow suit with Villar. Choking up with two strikes could go a long way in helping lower the early season strikeouts.

Just Wait

Believe it or not, this has happened before with Braun. Last year, during March/April, the face of the Milwaukee Brewers struck out 22 times in 24 games. After that, things dropped off a little bit. His strikeout percentage from first half to second half of 2017 dropped by three percent. That does not seem significant, but it is.

The part of the 2017 season was plagued with injury. Once he got consistent playing time under his belt in the second half, the numbers improved. So, 10 games into the 2018 season, there is still some tuning up needed. He is still clutch, clearly.

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It is still very early. Remember that. Take this whole article with a grain of salt, because I am not saying that 33.3 percent strikeout rate is fine by any means. But what I am saying is that it is entirely too early to call anything a trend. In theory, the strikeouts will drop and the Milwaukee Brewers will play to the level expected of them. It will all start with Ryan Braun.