Milwaukee Brewers: Who Is Next In Roster Roulette?

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 23: Keon Broxton
ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 23: Keon Broxton /

There have been a lot of moves made recently by the Milwaukee Brewers. Injuries have hit the team hard, and the result is a friendly game of roster roulette.

Just this morning, there were two moves made. The game is not over, in fact it is likely far from it. So, the question is, who will be the next in the Milwaukee Brewers edition of roster roulette? There are some obvious answers, and there are some who are clearly a stretch. But as Adrian Houser showed us, anything is possible.

It seems like a lot of auditioning to prove the player belongs at that level. So any of these candidates should be guys who have not seen the MLB this year. Once injuries clear up, things will be more consistent, but this is a flexible organization and these kind of moves can happen all season.

Keon Broxton

This is an obvious guess. There will be some point this season where Keon Broxton is with the Milwaukee Brewers. In fact, I would venture to say that Jorge Lopez will find himself back in Triple A shortly, and Broxton will be the replacement. Once Christian Yelich is healthy, Broxton will be back down to the minors. His batting average over .300 through the first five games is a huge indicator that he needs to see the MLB soon.

Nate Orf

The second base bats seem like they are beginning to heat up, which is good. However, if all the errors become too much, Nate Orf is a candidate to try at second base. He started the majority of games there. Although he is hitting under .200, so it would be more of a defensive move than anything else. All in all, it is highly unlikely.

Mauricio Dubon

Another infield candidate is Mauricio Dubon. On the defensive side, it could be like a dream to have him and Orlando Arcia up the middle. Though he is mostly a shortstop, his .286 batting average makes him a more likely candidate than Orf. Dubon, the 11th ranked prospect in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, is also on the 40 man roster. There are a lot of advantages for him.

Kyle Wren

Another unlikely move. However, if there is help needed in the outfield, Kyle Wren can be that help. Though he is also not on the 40 man, he is a proven hitter at the Triple A level. Because of some serious depth, he is stuck there, but Wren can play. And if more outfielders get hurt he might get his shot.

Corbin Burnes

This is a pipe dream for now. Corbin Burnes will likely not see the next level until after the Super 2 date. However, if the injuries continue to pile up, and the games keep going into extras (thus, depleting bullpen arms), there is a chance. But don’t bank on it.

Freddy Peralta

There is a real chance that Freddy Peralta gets a shot to be the fifth starter at some point this year. He is already on the 40 man roster, and Triple A seems too easy for him so far. Through two starts, Peralta has surrendered zero runs, and opponents are barely hitting over .100 against him. Keep his name in mind, for sure. Though it would be surprising to see him up before the current injuries clear up.

Christian Bethancourt/Jacob Nottingham

This is conditional on Manny Pina. He exited the last game with an apparent injury, and is not in today’s lineup. If he needs DL time, one of these two will backup Jett Bandy. Christian Bethancourt has MLB experience, but is not on the 40 man. Jacob Nottingham is on the 40 man, but without MLB experience. So, take your pick.

Tim Dillard

If the Milwaukee Brewers want an experienced arm for a couple days, why not? We all love Tim Dillard for a lot of reasons. Him pitching in the MLB this season is nearly impossible, but the way the roster shuffles are going right now, it is okay to hope. If a spot on the 40 man clears up, and the bullpen is depleted, there is a tiny chance.


Here is the Colorado Springs Sky Sox roster. Any pitcher is up for grabs. The organization has shown they are not afraid to reach down to Biloxi if there is enough talent. There is no telling who will be next, only guessing.

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Keon Broxton is the only name I am truly confident in right now. Outside of him, anyone can guess hand have an honest shot. This early in the season, the Milwaukee Brewers front office wants to see what they have. With that in mind, only they know who they want to see.