Milwaukee Brewers: How would they stack up in a brawl?

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 06: Orlando Arcia
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 06: Orlando Arcia /

Throughout Milwaukee Brewers history, there have been several bench clearing brawls. Within the first few weeks of the 2018 season, plenty of teams have already thrown hands.

How would this Milwaukee Brewers fare in a bench clearing brawl? Let’s take an inside look at who on the 25-man roster, plus the injured players, would take on which role if there were to be a brawl that breaks out in the near future.

Players are separated into subcategories based on the role they would most likely take on. In addition, they have each been assigned an individual accolade to best describe their participation in the brawl.

The Ones Most Likely to Start a Fight

Jonathan Villar – The Fast and the Furious

Jonathan Villar is one of the fastest guys in the league. He also seems like the kind of guy who would get a little furious if someone gets under his skin.

Manny Pina – Catching Fire

A lot of times, catchers get themselves into a little trouble by talking some smack to the batters. Out of all the catchers on the Milwaukee Brewers staff, it seems like Manny Pina is the one who would be the most likely to be the one in this situation.

The Weakest Links

Eric Sogard – “I Can’t Find My Glasses”

I picture his ability in a fight to be similar to that of Velma from Scooby Doo. Someone would knock his glasses off. Then he would end up crawling on the ground trying to find them. Eric Sogard would be one to take his time running to the field, trying his best to not get involved.

Jett Bandy – A Quiet Plate

Jett Bandy did get a little fired up against the Mets on the called strike three in the fifth inning. However, his frustrations focused on the umpire, not another player.

Normally, if a catcher is the one who starts a brawl, it happens because they are making unfriendly conversation with the batter. Bandy does not seem like the kind of guy who likes to jaw at opposing hitters.

The Most Valuable Fighters

Eric Thames – The Gun Show

This one is probably a given, considering the size of his arms. Plus, it can only be assumed that the power in his swing is consistent with the amount of power Eric Thames would pack in a punch.

Matt Albers – “Fatt” Albers

He has a bad history of blowing saves so far this year. But, there is no doubt that Matt Albers could take someone down with his size.

Jesus Aguilar – The Holy Hitter

Jesus Aguilar is a big guy. Plus, his lack of playing time has to mean a little pent up frustration that he would like to take out on someone.

The Peacemakers

Ryan Braun – “I’m Too Old For This”

Ryan Braun is a tough one because he seems like he’s sort of feisty, especially if he’s hit hard by a pitch. In 2013 when the Milwaukee Brewers brawled with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Braun took a backseat role. If you have seen a video of the fight, he spends his time trying to hold back his teammates.

In addition, with his proneness to injury lately, it would behoove him to stay out of the fights. Some people have referred to him as being “made of glass” in his old age. And as a veteran leader, one of his responsibilities is to set a good example for his young teammates.

Travis Shaw – Mayor D.D.C.

Third baseman Travis Shaw‘s nickname is “Mayor of Ding Dong City.” Although Ding Dong City is obviously fictional, Shaw still takes on an extra set of responsibility. He, like Braun, wants to keep the peace.

The Dynamic Duos

Sometimes, fights aren’t fair. In some cases, they’re two on one situations. Of the players on the Milwaukee Brewers active roster, these are the ones most likely to team up.

Orlando Arcia and Hernan Perez – Dream Tag Team

They’re best friends. When Orlando Arcia hit the walkoff single to defeat the Cubs, Hernan Perez was the first to celebrate with him.

Plus, the two often have a little fun together on the field. In the third game of the Mets series, Perez played left with Arcia at short. The two joked around, faking like they were going to throw a ball to Mets fans in the stands several times.

The two have each other’s backs. If one gets involved throwing punches, it’s silly to believe that the other wouldn’t come and provide some backup.

Josh Hader and Taylor Williams – Two Heads are Better Than One

The Mets commentators kept talking about how they think Taylor Williams likes to pitch inside. If he hits the wrong guy hard enough, he could get charged. You can bet that if someone goes after Williams, Josh Hader will be sprinting as fast as he can from the bullpen to back up his best friend.

Honorable Mention

Carlos Gomez

No, he no longer wears a Milwaukee Brewers uniform. But, Carlos Gomez caused at least three brawls as a member of the Crew. Against the Pirates in 2013, which is the one that Braun served as a peacemaker in, after sliding into third he and pitcher Gerrit Cole got into it.

Against the Atlanta Braves, also in 2013, Gomez hit a monstrous home run in the top of the first inning. After waiting to run, just watching the ball, members of the Braves. It started with first baseman Freddie Freeman jawing at Gomez. The benches cleared when catcher Brian McCann stepped in front of Gomez, not allowing him to touch home plate.

Then there was a game against the Washington Nationals. He slid into second, and some words flew between him and Ian Desmond. While this one was not quite as intense as the other two, the benches still cleared.

While Gomez is no longer a member of the Milwaukee Brewers, it’s necessary to highlight perhaps the feistiest Crew member in recent history.

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Is there a bench clearing brawl brewing in Milwaukee? Probably not anytime soon. But, with all of the fights that have broken out all over the MLB, it is a remote possibility.