Milwaukee Brewers: What if they brawl with the Reds, Pirates, Cubs, or Cardinals?

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin /
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How could bad blood get any worse after the civil war-like brawl that broke up homes of baseball fans when the Brewers get into it with the Cubs. Enter into the crystal the St. Louis Cardinals

Visualizing the brawl between the 2018 Brewers and Cubs led to some brutal images. But, the main event still has to be a brawl with the Cardinals.

One of the most hated players in the history of Milwaukee Brewers rivals is Cardinals catcher

Yadier Molina. In stadiums where Molina has played more than three games, he owns an OPS over 1.000 in only one, Miller Park.

This guy rubs Brewers fans the wrong way. Part of it is his success. Part of it probably relates to how Molina plays with so much passion that it is easy for him to become a guy that rival teams love to hate.

Combine this to the history that the Brewers have with the Cardinals, and there are grounds for an explosive brawl. The only time the Brewers earned a World Series appearance, the St. Louis Cardinals beat them four games to three.

More recently, the Brewers earned their way into the National Championship Series in 2011. But the same franchise (including Molina) kept them from winning the NL pennant. Visualizing the fans being into this brawl is not difficult. Visualizing the actual brawl is less difficult.

Who is going to stop the Brewers from getting their hands on Molina?

Scrawny 6’2″, 170 lbs. Luke Weaver? Nah, nobody named “Luke” holds a chance when Brewers relief ace Josh “Darth” Hader meets him in the brawl.

The Cardinals do have a Norris, but it is not Chuck, it is Bud.

The Cardinals have a Carpenter, but the Brewers have a Jesus.

Visualizing a Brewers brawl versus the Cardinals might be all the teams can do through the early part of 2018. Each team won three games against the other this April.

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Also, each team remains in competition in relation to the other teams in the NL Central. One or both of these teams could go on a winning streak. Maybe a brawl will catalyze their run.