Milwaukee Brewers: What’s their record against division rivals?

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Many believe that the Brewers, Cubs and Cards are going to have to fight it out to win the NL Central. The Milwaukee Brewers have seen a lot of Chicago and St. Louis to start the season. Head-to-head records are important in a division tie-breaker situation.  So how is the team faring so far against the two?

Results vs. the Cardinals

The Milwaukee Brewers have faced the Cubs and Cards twelve times so far in April. Their record against the two division powerhouses is 4-8.

So far, the Brewers have done well against St. Louis going 3-3.  In the second series of the year they lost two of three at Miller Park including a tough 8-4 loss on Opening Day.  The final game of series the Brewers were shut out by St. Louis starting pitcher Carlos Martinez.  Both victories by the Cardinals were somewhat lop-sided victories.

After a four game series against the Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers then traveled to St. Louis for another three game series. All three games in that series were close, but the Brewers ended up taking two out of three games. No game in the series was decided by more than two runs. The two teams will won’t play each other again until the end of May.

Results vs. the Cubs

So far this April the Milwaukee Brewers have not done well against Chicago, going 1-5.

Most games against the Cubs have been very competitive. The first series was a four game series at Miller Park. The Cubs took three of four games and the Brewers were shut out twice. The pitching staff gave up an average of five runs during the four games. This was a tough series because not only did they lose three of four games at home against their rival, but Miller Park was once again filled with Cubs fans.

On Thursday, the Milwaukee Brewers started another four games series against Chicago at chilly and windy Wrigley Field. Going into this series the Brewers were on a roll winning eight games in a row.  Unfortunately, this series did not start as well as the team had hoped.  They dropped the opening game 1-0, spoiling a great outing by Milwaukee starter Chase Anderson.  On Friday afternoon the Brewers wasted another solid outing by their starting pitching and committed a costly error in a 3-2 loss.

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The Milwaukee Brewers are going to face each of these teams around twenty times this year.  If they are going to win the division, they will have to improve on what has been a less than stellar start against the top division opponents.