Milwaukee Brewers: 2018 MLB Draft Positional Preview – Shortstop

(Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images) /

The Milwaukee Brewers hold the 21st pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. Here are three potential picks the team could make from the shortstop position.

Xavier Edwards

Xavier Edwards is an 18-year old from North Broward Prep in Florida. His slight build may remind many of Dee Gordon, if his speed doesn’t already do the trick. MLBPipeline likens Edwards to Eric Young, a player Milwaukee Brewers fans are familiar with from the 2002 and 2003 seasons.

A 50-grade hitter, he could add weight to his frame for extra base power. He has the arm to stay at shortstop. He is committed to Vanderbilt already, so any team interested will have to make it worth his while to sway him from college. Most mock drafts have him at the tail end of the first round.

Jeremy Eierman

Jeremy Eierman was a better prospect than fellow Missouri State alum Jake Burger entering 2018, but a change in his setup has resulted in less power from his swing, so his stock has fallen a bit. As the third member of his family to be drafted, the bloodlines are there for success.

When drafted, he needs to be more upright at the plate. The contact and power play up when he is. A strong arm and smart fielding make up for a lack of quickness. A move to third may be in his future.  The most recent mock draft on MLBPipeline has Eierman out of the first round.

Brice Turang

Brice Turang is the class of the middle infield prospects in this draft, save for Nick Madrigal. Rated as a top position player in the prep class, a dim summer showcase season left scouts wanting more from Turang. He does everything pretty well, but lacks a true plus rated tool. At times he can fades away on the field. Scouts feel that is due to the lack of the standout tool.

Turang’s frame should add strength, but not everyone feels it’ll come. If he lasts to the 21st pick, the Milwaukee Brewers could pick up a steal. Turang needs to prove his drop in stock is from overexposure and not a reflection of his own ability.

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The bats at the shortstop position in this draft class could all play well, but each prospect carries their own question mark.