Milwaukee Brewers Rumors: Jacob DeGrom, Zack Wheeler Off The Table

Most of the Milwaukee Brewers rumors this July have centered around the Mets’ starting pitchers. But recent reports believe that both Jacob DeGrom and Zack Wheeler are staying put.

The asking price for Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler has remained high. DeGrom has had a ridiculous season so far in which he’s dominated opponents and has rightfully earned a high sticker price.

The Mets have been wishy-washy during negotiations the entire month. They realize they should deal their starting pitchers but they don’t want to. So they’re setting ridiculously high prices in the hopes that someone will overpay.

But their plans to contend next year? Seriously? Not selling this year to improve the team next year is not going to help their contention plan. All they’re doing is missing out on making franchise-altering deals that could actually improve their future.

It appears the Mets will keep their starting pitchers even in a market devoid of top starters. And the Milwaukee Brewers will have to think of some other options if they’re going to improve their rotation.

Other Options

There aren’t many controllable starters on the market. Chris Archer is still the main prize that could end up getting traded on the market. Kevin Gausman of the Orioles is another option that’s controlled through 2020.

Marcus Stroman of the Blue Jays is a long shot to get traded but it’s still possible that he gets moved. Tyson Ross is available but he’s a back-end innings eater instead of an actual difference maker for this rotation that Brewers GM David Stearns said he’s targeting.

With the Mets unwilling to deal their starting pitchers, Stearns is down to Archer, Gausman, or bust basically for his desire to improve the rotation before the deadline.

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The Milwaukee Brewers are likely going to be aggressive as we get closer to the actual deadline on Tuesday. A lot of things can change in the next few hours.