Milwaukee Brewers: How long will Eric Thames stay?


There has been a lot of questions answered this season for the Milwaukee Brewers. The team now knows where it stands in terms of being a true contender and they have a pretty good idea who should remain on the roster beyond 2018.  Unfortunately, for one slugger his time in Milwaukee may be over once this season concludes.

Is 2018 Eric Thames final season in Milwaukee?

Most likely yes, the Milwaukee Brewers are showing how well they can match up against some of the games best clubs. During there recent stretch against some pretty good teams, the team chemistry never looked better. Eric Thames has only started one of the previous six games and has made the rest of his appearances off the bench.  He has dealt with injuries this year and that may be affecting him.

Aside from hitting a walk-off home run against Colorado, he has not performed well this year. As of late though, he has really been struggling. Last month he owned a slash line of .098/.159/.244.  In 41 at-bats he has accumulated just four hits. On the season he has struggled to find consistency. Thames is batting .223/.304/.489. He has 16 home runs but has only driven in 37 RBIs.

After his breakout 2017 where he hit 31 homers and drove in 63 runs, he has not been the same player and is creating a logjam on the Brewers bench.  It would be in the Brewers best interest to see what they could get for him once the off-season starts.

How much is he worth in a trade?

Since Thames is under control until 2020, any team that would have interest would get a 31-year-old slugger that is on a team friendly contract. His stats are nothing special, but the team could get a lower level prospect and send all of his remaining salary to the acquiring team. Whatever the Milwaukee Brewers decide to do will end up benefiting them.

The main reason to move Thames

To go along with Thames decline in performance, the Milwaukee Brewers have Jesus Aguilar who has now won the job of everyday first baseman. Aguilar’s breakout 2018 has been one of the best stories in a year full great memories and playoff hopes.

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Aguilar has tied Thames team high in home-runs from 2017 as he sits on 31 with 22 games remaining.  Aguilar is also batting for average and his line of .274/.356/.553 and 95 RBIs is showing why he is going to continue to be placed in the starting lineup every day.