Milwaukee Brewers fans need this Christian Yelich MVP t-shirt


The Milwaukee Brewers made short work of the Colorado Rockies, thanks in large part to Christian Yelich’s play. In fact, if you ask us, he’s the MVP.

At this point, the Milwaukee Brewers better send the Marlins a Christmas card.

Write something nice in it, too, like “Hey Miami, thanks so much for Christian Yelich. Not sure why you traded him, he’s REALLY GOOD. But anyway, we appreciate it! All our love, the Brew Crew.”

The Brewers made the deal for Yelich in January and he responded by putting together the best season of his career. He hit .326 this season with 36 homers, 110 runs batted in and 22 steals.

In fact, if you ask us, that’s not just good. That’s NL MVP good.

BreakingT happens to agree, so they cooked up this awesome new t-shirt that’s a must-have for any Milwaukee Brewers fan.

Take a look at the new design below.

BreakingT /

If Christian Yelich doesn’t bring the MVP to Milwaukee, it’s a case of voter fraud.

This retro-colored Milwaukee design will have you turning heads throughout October in the best way possible.

But you won’t just be looking good, you’ll be feeling good. Because this t-shirt is made from a premium, lightweight blend of cotton and polyester – which means it’s soft and comfortable.

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