Milwaukee Brewers: RtB Podcast S2E3 – Spring Training Is Finally Here

PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 04: Domingo Santana
PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 04: Domingo Santana /

The Reviewing the Brew Podcast has now moved to Tuesday nights. It’s a special Spring Training edition this week with Pitchers and Catchers officially reporting on Wednesday.

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While it may be spring down in Arizona where the Milwaukee Brewers are, back in Wisconsin, we’re feeling the leftover effects of another brutal winter snowstorm. At least co-host David Gasper is, while co-host Matthew Dewoskin apparently only had 2-3 inches of snow near him.

After discussing the weather and some Game of Thrones talk and a reference to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” we decided this offseason has gone on too long because we’re mentioning Hamlet references now.

Time for some actual baseball now.

The Milwaukee Brewers report to spring training on Wednesday morning and we couldn’t be more excited for the start of the 2019 season. There’s a lot to discuss about how the 2019 Brewers could shake out.

We start off with the things we are looking forward to the most in spring training. There’s always one key player that we’re more closely invested in watching every spring. For David, it’s Jimmy Nelson. For Matthew, it’s Keston Hiura.

Hiura, the Crew’s top prospect, will not make the Opening Day roster no matter what he does this spring, but his development presents an interesting dilemma for the Milwaukee Brewers. What happens with Mauricio Dubon? What if Orlando Arcia struggles again? How could this infield shake out. What if Dubon actually does well and gets the second base job locked down first?

And with all the hype around Keston Hiura, have we run the risk of giving him too high of expectations, where no matter what he does, he won’t be able to meet them? Could this be another Rickie Weeks situation where a serviceable player can be looked at as a failure because the numbers don’t end up matching the hype?

The starting rotation is also going to be a main talking point throughout all of spring. There are seven quality options vying for only five spots in the rotation. Who could be the odd men out? And what if Chase Anderson has a terrible spring? What do the Brewers do with him then?

There’s also the possibility that the Brewers sign Dallas Keuchel. But are we sure they’re actually in his market? And what kind of competition do the Brewers face in the Keuchel market?

Mike Moustakas is another name that’s been connected to the Milwaukee Brewers and a return reportedly feels inevitable. But will Moustakas actually return? It could depend on his patience with Manny Machado and if he’s willing to sign another one year contract.

And if they get Moustakas, what does that mean for Dubon and Hiura?

Then we get into the Mailbag segment, with a couple questions concerning the look of the roster. We also bring back the Hot Take Corner and David gives his hot take/bold prediction concerning Jimmy Nelson’s return season. All of that and more in this week’s special edition of the Reviewing The Brew Podcast.

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