Milwaukee Brewers: 5 former prospects from the 2000s lost to history

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While fans will always fantasize about the names on top 10 prospects lists, not all of them will work out. Several won’t make the Majors due to injury, performance, or skill. The Milwaukee Brewers have had their fair share of these guys, and we’re going to detail five ‘can’t-miss’ guys who totally missed.

Is it just us or have top prospects list gotten better in recent years? Occasionally there’s a fantastic flame out, but more often than not, most top guys end up at least making the Majors. Of the Milwaukee Brewers’ recent top prospects, almost all have found their way to baseball’s highest level.

However, in the 2000’s, this wasn’t always the case. Guys throwing 95 MPH+ often flamed out. Toolsy outfielders often couldn’t translate their skills to the diamond. Speedy infielders didn’t look quite as quick as they moved up the organizational ladder. These are the guys we’re choosing to remember. The guys who were awesome in their teens or early twenties, but just couldn’t put it together.

Keep in mind, we’re not hating or mocking. Baseball is hard, and there’s a reason only 750 guys from around the world are good enough to play at the highest level every year.