Milwaukee Brewers: 2019 Season Report Card for OF Lorenzo Cain

The Milwaukee Brewers were wanting to prove that they still had the fire in them after nearly making a World Series appearance in their 2018 season. With Lorenzo Cain in the outfield? Don’t expect to hit many home runs out of Miller Park.

Riddled with injuries all season, Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Lorenzo Cain showed that despite being in a little bit of pain, you can still go out on the field and perform like you’re winning a Gold Glove.

When the Brewers added Cain before the 2018 season, people were a little skeptical about how he was going to perform as he was an all star AND a World Series champion through the entirety of his contract. The expectations were set high. Lorenzo performed to the best of his ability in the 2019 season even with an oblique injury, knee injury, thumb injury, and a sprained ankle towards the end of the season, fighting for the postseason spot.

Batting Grade: B-

In his 148 game appearances, Cain was at the plate a hefty 623 times. He finished his season with 11 home runs and 48 RBI’s. Lorenzo posted an OPS .697/2.8 WAR/0.26 AVG. Although offensively Cain didn’t perform to the best of his ability, his amazing defensive skills helped counteract the offensive mistakes that occurred when Lorenzo was at the plate.

Cain was usually hitting leadoff during the 2019 season, but as we got more and more into the season and the injuries started hitting him, he was pushed farther and farther down the lineup.  For an outfielder, he was performing pretty average at the plate.

Defensive Grade: A

If Lorenzo Cain does not get the Gold Glove for this season, a recount and revote will have to be held because if anyone deserves that prestigious award, it’s Lorenzo Cain and there are videos to prove so. The city of Milwaukee will a riot if Cain doesn’t win a Gold Glove for the 2019 season, especially after he was snubbed at the awards last year.

An amazing center fielder, Cain definitely showed everyone else how defense should be played. His most recent ‘Not Today’ moment was in Colorado when he robbed the Colorado Rockies of a home run, practically leaping into the air like Superman to make an astounding catch. He’s additionally robbed four other homeruns, which is the same number that Carlos Gomez made when he was on the Brewers in 2013, those robberies earned Gomez the Gold Glove…Just saying.

There have been the occasional slip-ups while playing defense throughout the season, but overall in his 2019 season, Cain’s defense was something that won’t be forgotten for a long while. Possibly being some of the best in Milwaukee Brewers franchise history.

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Although it was thought that Lorenzo was going to decline as he got into his middle 30’s, he has done anything but that. Yes, he’s faced some injuries along the way, and faced some troubles that set him back a little, but overall, it seems that Lorenzo is only going up from here.

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