Brewers: Top 10 Christian Yelich Moments As A Brewer

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The 2018 NL MVP turns 28 today and in honor of Milwaukee’s favorite right fielder, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 favorite moments of Christian Yelich.

It’s no secret that Christian Yelich exceeded expectations when joining the Milwaukee Brewers in January of 2018. A trade from the Miami Marlins, the numbers Yelich was putting up in Miami don’t even begin to amount to what he has put up in Milwaukee, which earned him the NL MVP title in 2018, along with his back-to-back batting titles, silver sluggers, and Hank Aaron Awards.

With that said, it is Christian Yelich’s birthday today on December 5th, and to celebrate, let’s look back on our favorite Yelich moments since he joined the Brewers.

10. The Time He Got a Fan a Puppy

“Yelich, hit a home run and my dad buys me a puppy!” A little girl by the name of Lola went viral after she held up a sign at a game versus the Cardinals in Milwaukee that said if Yelich hit a home run, she would get a puppy. And that he did. First inning, second pitch to Yelich, he hit a bomb and two weeks later, Lola got her puppy. The family decided to name the puppy “Yeli”, and Christian even gave it to her himself.

How can you not love puppies and baseball? What could be better than getting a puppy? Having Christian Yelich deliver that puppy to you.

9. The Time He Homered at The All Star Game

Being the first Brewer since 2011 (Prince Fielder), to hit a homerun at the All Star Game, Yelich went yard against Astros pitcher Charlie Morton to help bring the NL 5-3 in the eighth. The American League ended up winning in extra innings, but, it was still a huge moment for Yelich.

Really it was after the All-Star Game that year that Yelich really took off. He did fine in the first half, for sure. But he had a monster second half that earned him the MVP award, and it all started with this home run in the Midsummer Classic.

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