Brewers News: No Pay Cuts, No Furloughs For Brewers Baseball Ops Staff

In Brewers news, during a time where the sport is generating zero revenue, the Milwaukee Brewers are a bright spot in how to handle their business.

As time dragged on with the 2020 season being pushed back and franchises not earning any money, it had become a reality for a lot of franchises that they would have to cut down on their expenses, namely furloughing employees or making them take pay cuts. The Milwaukee Brewers however, are in no such position.

According to multiple sources, the Brewers will be paying the entirety of their baseball operations staff their entire salary and keeping them all on board.

This is great news, not only for the people who no longer have to worry about losing their jobs or income, but for the organization as a whole. While personnel like GM and President of Baseball Operations David Stearns, Assistant GM Matt Arnold, and Scouting Director Tod Johnson will take small pay cuts, the rest of their staff remains intact and fully paid.

Organizations in larger markets with larger revenue streams such as the Angels and Cubs have had to make cuts, while the Brewers have not. There’s a lot of pride to be taken in that.

The Big Picture

It is great when an organization makes this kind of commitment during such a difficult time, especially when other organizations aren’t able to make that much of a commitment, but there’s another big reason to celebrate.

The Milwaukee Brewers are well aware that they have one of the best baseball operations departments in baseball. Their scouts, their analytics people, their player development staff, and others are what has made this organization so successful over the past few years. The Brewers won Baseball America’s Organization of the Year award back in 2018.

Owner Mark Attanasio knows that it is these people in the baseball operations staff that made that happen. It is the work that those people put in in the background that led to the success on the field. Recognizing that and working to keep those people happy and paid and in the organization is great management.

If they were furloughed or laid off or forced to take pay cuts, they might not come back to the organization and instead look for one of the organizations that will treat their people well. Instead, the Brewers are proving to everyone else across baseball who may have had to take a pay cut or be laid off that they are the organization that treats their people well.

They have kept the staff that has made this organization successful over the years and have made themselves an attractive candidate for really good baseball people that haven’t been treated as well by their organizations.

If you’re Mark Attanasio and you have one of the best baseball ops staffs in the league and you know it, you take care of those people and treat them well. When you do that, they stick around and you continue to be successful. This is extremely well done by Attanasio and the Brewers organization.

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If you recall back in spring training, Attanasio said the Brewers were at an operating loss in 2019. Even with that, the Brewers are still putting in the money to pay their employees when they have no money coming in.