Milwaukee Brewers: Ranking the Scheduled 2020 Opponents

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MLB team schedules will look quite different in the shortened 2020 season. Who will the Brewers be playing and how do they rank compared to each other in difficulty?

Before baseball fans finally get to start watching Brewers games for the first time this year, two things need to happen. Players need to get back to camp to start ramping back up and schedules need to be determined.

The former takes place next week, while the latter is still being worked out. Though schedules haven’t officially been released yet, their basic structure was announced earlier this week.

That means the Brewers will be playing their familiar NL Central foes (Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, and Reds) as well as the members of the AL Central (Indians, Royals, Tigers, Twins, and White Sox).

Structuring schedules this way makes sense. By playing only against teams in your geographical region, it highly reduces the amount of travel for each team, which at least slightly lowers the risk of COVID-19 exposure. It also makes scheduling much easier in a season with only 60 games.

Playing a schedule against just the Central divisions will come with its challenges. Both divisions have a mix of perennial favorites and teams that have improved greatly over the offseason to put themselves in a much better position to contend this year.

The Brewers will have their work cut out for them this year if they are looking to reach the postseason for the third straight season. Asterisk or not, it would be the first time in franchise history that feat was achieved.

So, let’s see how this gauntlet shapes up for the Brewers. Here are Milwaukee’s opponents for 2020, ranked from least to most difficult.

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