Brewers Shockingly Announce 2021 Schedule Already With Weird Quirks

Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

As if the 2020 schedule wasn’t weird enough, we now have the 2021 Brewers schedule already and it has some weird quirks to it.

We’ve gotten two Brewers schedule releases in the span of three days. After MLB released the 2020 schedule with just 60 games on Monday evening, teams have started to announce their 2021 schedules here on Thursday.

I’m not sure if MLB paid their season schedule makers for a certain amount of hours and they just got the 2020 schedule done so quickly they got started on 2021 and ended up just finishing the whole thing or what, but this is a huge surprise.

2021 Brewers Schedule

Here’s the Brewers 2021 regular season schedule.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s dig in.

First, they open the season on April 1st with an interleague matchup against the Twins at Miller Pa…. American Family Field. I know MLB has a thing with scheduling a day off after Opening Day in case of rainout, but Milwaukee has a roof, and that really shouldn’t be necessary for the Brewers schedule, but that’s just me.

They follow that with a road trip to Chicago in early April, because those are always fun, then a trip to St. Louis. That’s followed by a homestand with three more against the Cubs and then three against Pittsburgh. Then they go on a road trip to San Diego and then back to Wrigley to play against the Cubs.

The Brewers play the Cubs nine times in April, and six of those games are in the cold, windy, terrible atmosphere of the open air Wrigley field in the month of April. They then don’t play the Cubs again until June 28-30. Who comes up with this?

Also, the Brewers will host a four game series against the Dodgers at the end of April and into early May.

Once again, the Crew will be playing the entire AL Central for interleague matchups instead of continuing the rotation through the three divisions in the opposite league. The Brewers were originally scheduled to play the AL East in 2020 but the pandemic has forced them to play the geographically closer AL Central this year. But instead of moving the rotation from there, they stay on the old schedule.

The longest road trip for the Brewers happens in August and it’s 10 games in 11 days, going to Chicago for four, then Pittsburgh for three, a day off, and St. Louis for three.

As we get to September, the Brewers-Cardinals rivalry finally heats up as the two teams play each other 10 times in the final full month of the regular season. They have a 10 game homestand in the month that sees the final series against the Cubs from September 17-19, followed by four against the Cardinals and three against the Mets.

Then the Brewers finish on the road for the 3rd straight season, with three against St. Louis and then three all the way out in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. Given how the Brewers and Dodgers have played over the past few years, that should make for an interesting matchup in the final weekend of the regular season.

The Brewers have three or four off days every single month. There’s a stretch of 17 games without a day off from June 24th to the All Star Break that starts July 12th. They also play Cincinnati going into the ASB and coming out of the ASB.

In September, when off days are needed most, the Brewers have four of them, with three off days within a week. They have days off on September 9th, 13th, and 16th with their final day off on the 27th.

The first and last months of the Brewers 2021 schedule is very interesting. Ending the season on the road again, and playing the Dodgers isn’t a friendly draw, and six Cubs games at Wrigley in April isn’t friendly either.

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It’s a huge surprise that they released the 2021 Brewers schedule so early, considering they normally don’t release the next year’s schedule until September, but this is what we got. Hopefully for these games, fans will be able to attend.