Brewers: Brock Holt Is An Absolute Treasure To Have Mic’d Up

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 14: Brock Holt #11 of the Milwaukee Brewers walks to the dugout during Summer Workouts at Miller Park on July 14, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 14: Brock Holt #11 of the Milwaukee Brewers walks to the dugout during Summer Workouts at Miller Park on July 14, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

It was Brock Holt’s turn to be mic’d up on Friday night and the Brewers new infielder did not disappoint.

Shortly after Brock Holt signed with the Brewers back in spring, numerous Red Sox fans were sad about losing Holt, who had been a fan favorite in Boston for years. We have heard stories about how much fun Holt brings to a team and a bunch of Sox fans now have the Brewers as their next favorite team, simply because Brock Holt is here.

While Brewers fans don’t quite have the emotional attachment to Holt that Red Sox fans have quite yet, we got a couple steps closer on Friday night.

Holt was one of the top players we wanted to see mic’d up during these broadcasts, and the Brewers were able to make our dreams come true.

Brock Holt Is A Treasure

Everyone knows Brock Holt can play all over the field. His positional versatility is a big reason why the Brewers wanted to sign him. However, there’s one position he won’t play, saying “I wouldn’t mind getting on the bump for an inning, but I’m out on catcher.”

Our friends at BoSox Injection provided some backdrop to that story.

Holt is a businessman making business decisions, and he’s not getting into the business of playing catcher.

The conversation got to old Brewers friend Travis Shaw, who was a former Red Sox player himself and Holt still talks to him a couple times a week and during previous seasons, they had FaceTime sessions while in the hot tub postgame.

When Holt was talking about his favorite players and good friends in the game, Lorenzo Cain is atop the list. Holt said he’s friends with pretty much everybody, which sounds about right.

In one of Cain’s at-bats, as Holt was joking he wasn’t paying attention and the booth was telling him a hit might get by him, Holt said “I want Lo Cain to get a hit anyways. He’s my favorite player.” Which, I mean, how could he not be?

The love for Cain didn’t end there. A little while later, in Holt’s next at-bat, he hit a slicing line drive into the left-center field gap and Cain ran it down to retire Holt. Holt then yells out to Cain, ” HEY, GREAT JUMP!” and that he would give Cain a shoutout and then told the broadcast booth “That’s why he’s my favorite player.”

Having Fun

One of the top moments from Holt’s turn with the microphone was during the ‘Ask Brock Holt’ section and his own mom, GayLynn Holt had the best question ever.

You have to check in with the parents every now and then. When the booth asked him the question, Holt said, “I think I just talked to them the other day. I’m a busy man, Mom!” Don’t worry, everyone, he called his mom after the game.

If you can’t laugh at that exchange, I feel sorry for you.

Among some other things Holt talked about that were fun was that he had going down Bernie’s slide on his bucket list and that on the Brewers off day tomorrow he’s going to have a spa day and play “like 10 hours of Call of Duty.”

Another top moment was towards the end of the scrimmage, when David Freitas made his way to third base, Holt was still trying to learn the proper pronunciation of Freitas’ last name, which is fair. He went through several different possibilities including ‘Freeties’, ‘Frities’, ‘Fry Ties’, and ‘Fritos’ and I think he settled on Fritos as his nickname for Freitas.

Shortly after, Holt finally had a ground ball go his way and he did the play-by-play call of himself fielding the ground ball and throwing to first for the out.

This is just something that we don’t get to see often enough in baseball broadcasts. Baseball players are fun guys and being able to showcase their personalities on broadcasts like this will only help grow the game moving forward.

If you watched the scrimmage, you probably fell in love with having Brock Holt on the Brewers. If you didn’t watch it, I recommend finding the video replay and giving it a watch.

Brock Holt is a treasure and having him on the Brewers in 2020 and possibly 2021 (if his option is picked up) is going to be a blast. The Brewers have had a history of building team chemistry centered around having fun and few in the league are more fun to be around than Holt.

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The Brewers scrimmage series went to 3-1 in favor of the Gold team on Friday night, as the Crew ramps up towards the start of the season, which is now less than a week away.